PUBLISHED: 28 November 2022      Last Edited: 29 June 2023

Agricultural Technologies and Innovations

Agriculture is an important part of Alberta’s economy. Alberta is a sunny province with lots of land and temperate summers. It is ideal for growing crops like wheat, barley, and canola, and for raising livestock. Alberta also exports its products to other provinces and countries. But now, industries face increased demand for almost all products. For agriculture, this means that farmers are being called on to produce more goods at faster rates, with fewer inputs. At the same time, Albertan farmers must provide these goods sustainably. Therefore, researchers seek technological improvements to increase efficiency. Three technologies and methods will be discussed here: aquaponics, agricultural water reuse, and regenerative agriculture. These solutions help farmers meet growing present day demands while protecting the environment. Introducing these solutions in current farms will allow farmers to improve their efficiency. Natural resources like land and water are also protected during the process.


Agriculture Water Reuse

Regenerative Agriculture Practices

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