PUBLISHED: 29 August 2017

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Knowledge is like money:

to be of value it must circulate,

and in circulating it can increase

in quantity and, hopefully, in value.

-Louis L’Amour


Support research, promote collaboration, and enhance understanding of water issues and challenges by sharing facts, information and news about water in Alberta.

In just a few clicks, taps or swipes you can:

  1. Help the public (consumers, students, community members, and other informed individuals like you) benefit from factual, unbiased, accessible information to help all Albertans better understand how their everyday activities and choices impact the water in our province.
  2. Help decision makers (policy makers, business owners, other institutions) access and analyze data suitable for their needs to help sustain a dialogue that will create change in the community by impacting water legislation and regulation at all levels of government for generations to come.
  3. Help knowledge providers (academics, researchers, scientists) use data, information, and online tools to conduct their investigations, and to collaborate with like-minded individuals regarding their findings about water issues to help influence the future of water management, technologies, and research.

How do I share the word?

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