PUBLISHED: 23 September 2020

Teaching Resources

This page has compiled resources from all over the website that are particularly suited to teaching. The resource materials are introduced with a few sentences below, and then then link to the materials.

 Water Nexus video series

Nexus energyTopic: Water, agriculture, and energy production are connected
Grade range: 6 to 12
Type of resource: Video series with teacher guides
Description: Six short animated videos describe different topics relevant to thinking about how water, agriculture, energy production, and our communities are interconnected. A brief teacher guide is available for five of the videos to support using one or more as part of curriculum-linked study
Click here to see the video series
TeachingGuide – Bow River water users    TeachingGuide – Water quality    TeachingGuide – Complex interconnection   TeachingGuide – A Healthy Environment    TeachingGuide – Growing Population

Follow the Drop water quality game

MOCKUP homepage imageTopic: Water quality
Grade range: 6 to 12
Type of resource:  Choose-your-own-adventure online game
Description: Explore and understand how water quality is influenced by energy, people and agriculture in this choose-your-own-adventure game. Users will start their journey at the headwaters of the Bow River, the Rocky Mountains, and will navigate their way through everyday water uses along the river. On the way, users will learn about how water use choices alter water quality.
Click here to start the Follow the Drop game

“My Everyday Water Decisions” quiz

WRAM Water DecisionsTopic: Water conservation
Grade range: 6 to 12
Type of resource:  Online quiz
Description: A short multiple choice quiz that encourages users to consider their everyday water usage and how their choices impact water quality and quantity. The goal of this quiz is to educate users on water conservation and stewardship, and presents alternatives to user’s water consumption choices. Users can also explore the technical report accompanying the quiz, which explains how their inputs are translated into a final water stewardship score.
Click here to see the full description  Click here to start the quiz

Water Quality Substances and Influences in the Watershed

Topic: Water quality
Grade range: 6 to 12
Type of resource:  Watershed animated graphic
Description: Scrolling down this watershed graphic  guides users from the headwaters down the river. Along the way various substances show up in the river and activities or processes influence the water quality. Users can visualize the influences and contaminants on a river system to gain a more thorough understanding of what influences water quality. Each substance and influence on the graphic has a detailed information page when the icon is clicked.
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History of Climate in Alberta

Topic: Historical climate
Grade range: 9 to 12
Type of resource:  Digital historical timeline
Description: Scrolling down this vertical timeline takes the user backwards in time. It details some of the major climate and hydrologic periods/events in Alberta over the past 11,000 years. Users explore events within the Holocene period to gain a more detailed understanding of Alberta’s climatic history.
Click here to explore the timeline

Dams and Reservoirs in Alberta story map

Flickr BassanoTopic: Dams and water reservoirs
Grade range: 6 to 12
Type of resource:  Interactive digital story map
Description: A detailed storymap where users can explore and learn about individual  dams and reservoirs in Alberta. Details about each dam or reservoir includes photographs and information on its age, use and location in Alberta.
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Flood zone quiz

Topic: Understanding flood risk
Grade range: 9 to 12
Type of resource:  Online quiz
Description: A multiple choice quiz for about flood hazards in Alberta. This quiz enables users to consider their knowledge of floods and the risks floods can pose to their homes and property.
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Water Quality quiz

Topic: Water quality
Grade range: 9 to 12
Type of resource:  Online quiz
Description: A multiple choice quiz that has users consider their knowledge of influences and contaminants in water sources in a variety of settings relevant to Alberta.
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