PUBLISHED: 28 August 2017

Get involved

The Alberta water community is a vibrant and engaged group of people and organizations across the province.

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Ideas to get involved via the WaterPortal

There are many ways to get involved for a better water future.

The organizations below have completed the water quality pledge:

WaterSMART Solutions Ltd.
Shearwater Consulting Ltd
SilverWillow Ventures
ALUS Canada
Twisted Nature Biology Consulting & Environmental Education
CKP & Associates
Mighty Peace Watershed Alliance
Strubel Special Projects

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Other ways to get involved

As part of the Water for Life strategy, the Alberta Government has key partnerships to empower Albertans to become engaged in local water management. These include:

  1. Alberta Water Council (AWC) – the province-wide scale.
  2. Watershed Planning and Advisory Councils (WPACS) – the Alberta watershed scale.
  3. Watershed Stewardship Groups (WSGs) – the local scale.

There are also a number of other non-profit organizations working to improve water management, water quality and related issues in Alberta. Contact us and we can point you in the right direction!