PUBLISHED: 23 November 2021      Last Edited: 23 March 2023

The Bog

The Bog is where thoughts, opinions, discussion pieces, and action converge. Influential thinkers from the water community are invited to share their insights on current or controversial water topics. Please note that the views expressed herein are those of the authors, and do not necessarily reflect the position of the Alberta WaterPortal.

Water for Alberta’s Hydrogen Economy

Sep 21, 2023

The information below is drawn from a research report published in June 2023 by WaterSMART Solutions. This report, commissioned by Alberta Innovates, highlights the importance of water in the development of Alberta’s hydrogen economy ​(WaterSMART Solutions Ltd., 2023)​. Hydrogen production can have a similar level of water consumption to gasoline and diesel fuels, but the locations where new hydrogen facilities…

ED’s Corner: Flood Anniversaries

Jun 19, 2023

June is the anniversary month of Alberta’s most expensive flood.     Back in 2013, there were two major floods in Canada:  Southern Alberta and Toronto [i].   The bigger was the Southern Alberta flood which ended up displacing some 125,000 people, claimed 5 lives, cost approximately $6 billion (estimates vary) and affected some 55,000 square kilometres [ii].   At the time, it was…

ED’s Corner: ESG – some thoughts on water management and corporate sustainability

Jun 5, 2023

We at the WaterPortal are passionate about water. We all know water affects everything. The irony is that it often disappears underground and, for many people is only noticed when there is too much, or too little. Or when its quality is compromised and is, directly or indirectly, affecting our health. At the WaterPortal, we strive to draw water into…

World Water Day: Ways to celebrate, educate, and accelerate change

Mar 24, 2023

Every year on March 22, people around the world celebrate water by educating themselves on water-related issues both local and global. In honour of World Water Day, the Alberta WaterPortal Society is raising awareness for the importance of education to inspire action and accelerate change. In 2022, the WaterPortal contributed to local water education by creating fun and easy-to-understand learning…

DataStream: Collaboration is key for sharing water data

Sep 16, 2021

By Mary Kruk, Water Data Specialist, DataStream As of 2020, the water quality in 60 per cent of Canadian watersheds remains unknown. Although diverse groups across the country monitor their local waterways and collect a great deal of water data, this information is often not available or easily comparable for various reasons, including if the information is stored using different formats.…