PUBLISHED: 25 August 2023


Water is a resource that is required by all lifeforms on Earth. From the trees outside to the ground below, water is an intricate and complex part of life. Increase your water knowledge, find useful facts, or engage in water topics throughout this section.

Interesting Facts

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Did you know? Canadian rivers discharge about 7% of the world’s renewable water supply annually. However, of that water, about 60% flows north while about 85% of our population lives within 300km of the southern border. This means that the Northwest Territories and Nunavut, with about 0.2% of Canada’s population have about 23% of Canada’s renewable water flowing through their territories.


Flooding is one of those topics that keeps coming up. This section focuses on showcasing the research and impacts that are occurring around flooding generally, in Alberta specifically and content on how flood risk can be mitigated.
Flooding in Alberta
Flood Mitigation
All flood topics


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Drought is a “hot topic” right now, and is only getting hotter. This section focuses on explaining what drought is and talking about its effects. In our “Drought in hindsight” section we share lessons from the Australian “Millenium drought” and showcase interviews with several drought experts ranging from government leaders to educators.
Drought overview
Drought in hindsight
All drought topics


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Climate is, of course, a huge concern for many people around the world and is only becoming more of a concern as we see record fire seasons, “heat domes”, wide-spread droughts, changing precipitation patterns and changing growing seasons. This section focuses on showcasing the research and impacts that are occurring around climate variance and change.
Climate words worth knowing
Disaster insurance
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Water sources

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Earth’s water cycle is complex. This section breaks down the complexity, offering research on glaciers, groundwater and watersheds – all of which provide answers to this question.


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Alberta is known for its wealth of pristine glacier rivers and lakes. However, this resource must be used within its designated means. Explore this section to learn more about water control guidelines and legislation in Alberta.
Water Licenses and Transfers
What is FITFIR
What is “Water for Life”


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Controlling and influencing the storage and delivery of water is integral to our way of life. There are numerous ways and reasons to influence the flow of water.
Dams and reservoirs
Green infrastructure