PUBLISHED: 20 August 2012

About Us

Founded in 2006, in the spirit of the Water for Life strategy, the Alberta WaterPortal provides inclusive research, community engagement, and educational activities to improve the public’s understanding of the importance of water in Alberta, as well as providing Albertans with the knowledge needed to make better water management decisions. 

Today’s water challenges and opportunities clearly cross many different jurisdictions, stakeholders and communities. Addressing the protection, allocation and management of our water resources and water systems requires creative mechanisms for dialogue and networking, as well as coordinated efforts to explore and share data and experiences among water users, managers, and researchers. 

To achieve this as a charitable organization we work closely with private, public and other non-profit organizations, supported by industry and water experts. We have forged successful partnerships with all levels of government, academic institutions, environmental non-government organizations, corporate partners and advisory councils and irrigation districts. The Alberta WaterPortal contributes to how we collectively share and collaborate on water information and knowledge, for the benefit of all Albertans.

Our values

  • Operate transparently, without bias and with inclusivity.
  • Openly share scientifically credible water data and information.
  • Educate users from various perspectives on water issues, allowing them to make informed decisions.
  • Connect divergent interests and content sources, encourage dialogue, and generate solutions that benefit all Albertans.

A registered charity

In March 2014, the Alberta WaterPortal Society received Canada Revenue Agency approval to operate as a registered charity (807121876RR0001).

The Alberta WaterPortal Society oversees the WaterPortal. The Alberta WaterPortal Society is the charitable continuation of the original Alberta Society for Sustainable Water Management and Related Technologies.

Some of our initiatives


Special thanks to Alberta Innovates – Energy and Environment Solutions (AIEES) and Alberta Innovates Technology Futures (AITF) for their support of the Alberta WaterPortal.  

Additional thanks to the Bow River Basin Council and Suncor Foundation for their help getting the Alberta WaterPortal off the ground.

Lastly, thanks to WaterSMART Solutions Ltd. for their continued support.

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