PUBLISHED: 12 February 2020

Follow the Drop

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Welcome to the Follow the Drop “Choose Your Own Adventure” game where you get to imagine yourself as a drop of water traveling through the Bow River Watershed.

As you navigate through the many possibilities in the WatershedDefinition: WatershedAn area having a common outlet for its surface water runoff. The land area within a basin/watershed drains water to a single body of water, such as a stream, river, or lake., you will learn how water quality is influenced by the activities and processes you encounter.

You begin your adventure as precipitation in the  mountain sky above the Bow River headwatersDefinition: HeadwatersUpper tributaries of a stream or river, considered the source of that stream/river. region.  It is here where you will need to make your first big decision: Do you want to start your journey as a drop of rain or as a snowflake?

Use the tabs at the top of each page to navigate through the watershed. the links in the “Where Next?” tab can be used to make your next choice.

Screenshot Rain Water Quality

You can hover over blue text to learn fun facts about the watershed. Hovering over red text will give you a definition of that word or phrase. Bold text indicates key words that are important to understanding the processes in the watershed.

If you find yourself leaving the Bow watershed for any reason then you can restart the game and try a different route!

About The Bow River Watershed 

The water that originates in the Bow River Watershed produces food and energy, and it supports the ecosystems along its lengthAs the availability of water changes and our population grows, demands for water will increase.  You can learn more about balancing competing water needs in the Bow River Watershed at here

This project has been made possible by Nutrien, Enbridge and the Carlson Family Foundation along with the Government of Canada and the Government of Alberta through the Canadian Agricultural Partnership.

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