Today is the one-day symposium Alberta’s Watershed Management Symposium: Flood and Drought Mitigation and the Alberta WaterPortal staff will be in attendance to live tweet the event. The Government of Alberta's event aims to “share the latest updates on snowpack data and river forecasting, as well as assessments of mitigation option for Alberta’s most flood-prone river basins”[1]. If you can not attend the event we'd encourage you to follow us on twitter to receive updates throughout the day. 

The event should see the release of new reports that address the feasibility of options that were presented at the October 4th Symposium. This blog post will be updated with those reports at the end of the day. In the meanwhile we've assembled a list of released reports to date. If we've missed any please leave a comment  so that we may also add them to the list.

The following reports have been released and are available to download:


[1] Government of Alberta (2014). Alberta to focus on flood and drought prevention [Press Release]. Retrieved from