PUBLISHED: 14 August 2012

Water Maps

Water Maps

The following is a selection of map resources you can find online. 

Alberta’s WPAC’s and River Basins

Some of these maps are sourced from an Alberta Environment study to inventory previously identified, potential water storage sites and diversion systems in the province, as part of the provincial “Water for Life” strategy. The study was awarded to MPE Engineering. Click here for a full copy of the study (Assessment of Potential Water Storage Sites and Diversion Scenarios Report).

Alberta’s River Basins

Advisories & Warnings, Forecaster’s Comments, River Ice Reports, Water Supply Outlook, Maps and Data Summaries, and FAQ’s for each of Alberta’s major river basins.

AgroClimatic Information Service (ACIS)

ACIS is supported by Alberta Agriculture and Rural Development, an interactive tool that provides weather forecasts, current and historic maps, and access to weather data received from more than 270 weather stations in and around Alberta. This service was developed to describe Alberta’s weather, climate and related agriculture features to help with your long-term planning and decision-making throughout the year.

Through ACIS you can view:

  • Alberta Weather Station Data and Graphs
  • Alberta Weather Station Conditions Summary
  • Alberta Climate and Atlas Maps
  • Alberta Weather Conditions Map
  • Alberta Weather Radar Imagery
  • Alberta Weather Forecast

Precipitation Maps

Updated Daily/Weekly/Monthly Precipitation maps show current accumulated precipatation reports for daily, weekly, monthly, and storm events as well as archives.

Environmentally Significant Areas

The following document provides an update of the Environmentally Significant Areas (ESAs) of Alberta including data and map for the province.

Canada: Water Maps and Data Summaries

Agriculture Canada Drought Maps

The Drought Watch web site provides timely information on weather and climate relevant to the agricultural sector in Canada.

Environment Canada

In this section, find information on water maps, water management, and environment-related water issues over which Environment Canada has jurisdiction.

Natural Resources Canada

Supports “The Atlas of Canada” which has several Water Maps of Canada…even maps for recreational activities like swimming and beach activity, canoeing, kayaking and sailing, power boating and recreational fishing.

Global Water Maps

Some globally focused maps can be found through the following websites: