Are you an Alberta flood hazard zone guru?

Alberta is no stranger to floods. Today it’s important for anyone living, or considering living, near water to know about floods and their relationship to homes and properties. Within a designated flood hazard zone the potential for flooding is real and significantly higher than other areas.

Despite flooding, there are many reasons people choose to continue to live in flood hazard zones. In fact, civilizations have long settled along rivers because of the many benefits they can offer.

Take our quiz and find out if you’re a high and dry flood zone guru, if you need to bail out some water in your flood knowledge, or if you need to learn more to stay afloat.

What is a flood plain?


How do you know if you live, or are looking to purchase a property, in a flood prone area?


How many types of floods have the potential to impact Albertans?



What is a flood fringe?


What is a 1% flood?


What do I need to consider when viewing a flood hazard map?


How often should I check a flood hazard map?


My property is in a mapped flood hazard zone, what does that mean for me?

PropertyinFloodZone ThoughtfulFace

I rent a property, which is in a mapped flood hazard zone, what do I do?


Is it possible to “flood proof” a property completely?


Why do some areas have properties in flood zones bought out and others don’t?

PropertyBuyOut ConfusedFace

Are land use and zoning rules different across Alberta?


I want to redevelop my property to improve flood resilience, am I covered by the Alberta Disaster Recovery Fund?


I want to retain existing structures on, and use of, my property – how can I manage floods?