PUBLISHED: 20 November 2013

Timeline of Events: Turner Valley Region

Heavy rain that impacted much of southern Alberta in mid-June contributed to high water levels in rivers such as the Sheep River that passes through the town of Turner Valley.  The river breached its banks on the morning of June 19th, destroying roads, bridges and causing damage to basements in the southeast portion of the town[1]. Major infrastructure damage ensued when flood waters eroded parts of the Decalta Bridge and Black Diamond Bridge on Highway 22 further disrupting traffic flow and isolating the community. Approximately 80 people were evacuated from the Town of Turner Valley due to flooding and a nearby natural gas leak caused by passing debris. 

A local state of emergency and evacuation orders kept Turner Valley residents away from immediate danger over the course of the flood. The aftermath brought many residents together to help one another recover from the impacts of the flood. 

[1] Rollie, Tammy. “Turner Valley residents no longer cut off.” Okotoks Western Wheel. Published June 26, 2013. Accessed November 8, 2013.