PUBLISHED: 20 November 2013

Timeline of Events: Drumheller

Shortly after major flooding impacted municipalities like Canmore, High River and Calgary, the town of Drumheller declared a local state of emergency in preparation for high waters. Located 110 kilometres northeast of Calgary, Drumheller is built around the Red Deer River. On June 22nd, Drumheller began sandbagging and adding to already existing berms to protect homes and businesses from potential flooding. These efforts paid off as the river crested and damaged only 2 or 3 homes, rather than 400 homes that are built in the flood zone[1]

Drumheller’s proactive response and preparation for the flood of 2013 was successful and resulted in very little damage to the town. In the past, however, Drumheller was not so lucky in the floods of 2005 and throughout the 1980’s. As a result of these previous floods, the town spent large amounts of money to raise homes, build berms, and implement tough bylaws around building in flood zones. While previous efforts paid off in Alberta’s 2013 flood event, future plans in Drumheller are to continue building on flood prevention measures to enhance preparedness. 

[1] “Drumheller flood preparations paid off, mayor says.” CBC News Calgary. Published September 27, 2013. Accessed November 8, 2013.