PUBLISHED: 20 November 2013

Municipal Reactions

Municipalities across southern Alberta were deeply impacted by the flood waters resulting in lost homes, businesses and public areas. In Calgary, flood damage has been estimated to be more than $256 million due mainly to infrastructure damage. The provincial government responded to these estimates by providing a $63 million advance to Calgary to help pay for the damage[1]. In addition to this funding, the City of Calgary also implemented the River Flood Mitigation Program to review Calgary’s flood response measures and mitigation efforts[2]. To evaluate mitigation measures an expert panel was appointed to address community and watershed issues. Alongside the provincial government assistance to select municipalities, the Government of Alberta established the Southern Alberta Flood Response Program to “ensure municipalities impacted by the June 2013 floods have the support and resources they need to undertake recovery efforts”[3].

Municipalities like Canmore and High River have displayed extraordinary courage and effective disaster relief efforts when facing the damage and destruction caused by the June flood waters. Moving forward, southern Alberta’s municipalities will continue to display leadership to address flood hazards and further implement preparedness strategies to respond to future floods. 

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