PUBLISHED: 20 November 2013

Citizen Aid

Not long after flood waters receded, volunteers across southern Alberta showed up at damaged homes to help with clean-up efforts. On June 23rd, 2,500 volunteers showed up at Calgary’s McMahon Stadium to help strangers clean out their homes and businesses. Alongside these efforts, campaigns for volunteers and supplies emerged on social media websites like Facebook and Twitter that received great reaction. The incredible response from volunteers also initiated the Alberta Flood Relief concert that raised $1.5 million in aid money. Money raised at this event was funneled to numerous aid organizations across Alberta helping with flood clean-up efforts. In the days following the June 2013 flood, Albertan’s came together to help those in need restoring their communities. Acts of generosity, leadership and team-work allowed for important services to be reinstated quickly keeping spirits high. The aid and encouragement from citizens across southern Alberta will remain a centre-piece of the stories that continue to be told of Alberta’s 2013 floods. 

Flood Volunteers in Calgary (2013)