PUBLISHED: 29 November 2013


In the days and months following the June flooding that devastated parts of Southern Alberta, citizens of the province began to grasp the full extent of the damage caused by this natural disaster. Identified as the most expensive natural disaster in Canadian history by the Insurance Bureau of Canada[1], the impact of the June flooding event will be felt for years. As Albertans move on from the 2013 floods, the province and country as a whole continue to learn about the importance of flood mitigation and preparedness. In the aftermath of the June flooding, applying lessons learned and continuing to move forward with improved flood plans will prove important for future preparedness.
The menu links provide an account of the events and reactions that emerged from the flooding in southern Alberta.
[1] The Canadian Press. “Alberta floods costliest natural disaster in Canadian history.” CBC News Calgary. Published Septmeber 23, 2013. Accessed November 8, 2013.