Alberta Groundwater Resources

Groundwater is an integral part of the hydrological cycle and contributes to stream flows and lake levels. It is also an important drinking-water supply for over 600,000 Albertans. The following is a list of resources that may be of use in continuing research on the topic of groundwater.  

Groundwater Mapping and Inventory Program

Alberta Geological Survey

The Alberta Geological Survey (AGS) engaged with Alberta Environment and Sustainable Resource Development as a supporter in the "Water For Life" strategy. The AGS runs several groundwater research programs to do with saline and nonsaline water systems.

AGS's Completed and Ongoing Projects as of 2013:

The AGS also has multiple publications and datasets hosted online.

Water Wells that Last Generations

Alberta Agriculture and Rural Development

The Water Wells that Last website contains modules with information, worksheets and video exercises to help better understand and manage rural water well systems. Topics include planning your water system, design and construction of water wells, monitoring water wells and more.

 Compilation of Alberta Groundwater Information from Existing Maps and Data Sources

Alberta Geological Survey (AGS)

In 2007, AGS and Alberta Environment staff gathered the available digital datasets, PDF files and hard-copy maps from the internal and external sources listed above to create an initial view of the extent and nature of groundwater resources in Alberta. The Compilation of Alberta Groundwater Information from Existing Maps and Data Sources report provides details on the data used, the limitations of the data and any assumptions made during the creation of the products.

Groundwater Observation Well Network (GOWN)

Alberta Environment and Sustainable Resource Development 

The Groundwater Observation Well Network (GOWN) is a network of groundwater wells that monitor groundwater levels in aquifers across Alberta. Some wells in the network also monitor a variety of groundwater quality parameters. Using this page you can access the historical groundwater level information for the active wells in the network.

There are about 250 wells being monitored. The network has expanded for better provincial coverage and still includes clusters of wells around highly industrialized areas such as Fort McMurray. Regional Alberta Environment staff in Lethbridge, Calgary, Edmonton and Grande Prairie maintain the wells, download data, take manual readings and archive the data into Alberta Environment's GOWN database. The Alberta Environment Groundwater Information Centre checks the data and maintains the GOWN database.

Alberta Water Well Information Database

Alberta Environment and Sustainable Resource Development 

The Alberta Water Well Information Database displays an interactive map that has been overlaid with water well drilling reports and baseline water well test reports. Additionally wells may be searched for in the province.