PUBLISHED: 18 March 2015

Forest Management

Managing our Forested Landscape 

In Alberta, the department of Environment and Sustainable Resource Development (ESRD) manages forests and forest resources. The government encourages the forest industry to implement forest management practices to minimize negative impacts on the surrounding environment. These practices include; monitoring protocols and using indicators to evaluate the impact of forest disturbances on soil, watersheds, and wildlife habitats. In addition to these best practices, the ESRD has implemented rules for timber harvesting throughout the Province. These rules reduce negative impacts from access roads and harvesting activities. Additionally, ESRD has implemented a MPB Management Strategy for Alberta to address infestations in forests across Alberta [1]. Strategies include improved planning and management strategies for forest harvesting. 

Overall, to manage impacts on the environment and watersheds, the forestry industry in Alberta must use holistic management practices that recognize their impact on integrated ecosystems. By implementing this strategy, the forestry industry can address economic growth and demand while meeting appropriate environmental and social standards. 


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