PUBLISHED: 30 July 2012

Alberta Water Legislation, Regulations & Guidelines

Unless noted, sources for information listed below: Alberta Environment and Sustainable Resource Development.

For complete text of the legislation mentioned below, and the most current version of these water regulations, see Queen’s Printer.

Water Act

The Water Act focuses on managing and protecting Alberta’s water and on streamlining administrative processes. The purpose of this Act is to support and promote the conservation and management of water, including the wise allocation and use of water, while recognizing:

  1. the need to manage and conserve water resources to sustain our environment and to ensure a healthy environment and high quality of life in the present and the future;
  2. the need for Alberta’s economic growth and prosperity;
  3. the need for an integrated approach and comprehensive, flexible administration and management systems based on sound planning, regulatory actions and market forces;
  4. the shared responsibility of all residents of Alberta for the conservation and wise use of water and their role in providing advice with respect to water management planning and decision-making;
  5. the importance of working co-operatively with the governments of other jurisdictions with respect to trans-boundary water management;
  6. the important role of comprehensive and responsive action in administering this Act.

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Water Regulations:

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International Boundary Waters Treaty Act (Department of Justice Canada):

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