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Global News

What a difference a day can make. From sunshine and heat Saturday to a snowfall warning Sunday. Up to 10 centimetres of snow fell in the Calgary area. While rollercoaster temperatures aren’t ideal for many, for fifth-generation farmer Larry Woolliams, it’s a good thing. Click here to continue reading

Calgary Herald

Homeowner opposition has delayed construction of a flood barrier in Bowness. Foes of the two-part barrier proposed to extend 1.9 kilometres along the south bank of the Bow River on residents’ property say their efforts to halt the project have succeeded — for now. Click here to continue reading

Western Producer

Precipitation has been below normal in much of the eastern Prairies, going back to the wet fall of 2019. However, this period of dry weather runs contrary to a larger trend.  Over the last 50 to 70 years, the northern United States Plains and the Prairies are getting warmer and wetter. Click here to continue reading

CBC News

A committee that is supposed to consult Albertans on coal development in the Rocky Mountains won't be allowed to hear what people want to say about water and land use. The terms of reference, posted to a government website, says the five-member committee will only be able to consider issues under the control of the Department of Energy. Click here to continue reading


Just 3% of the world’s land remains ecologically intact with healthy populations of all its original animals and undisturbed habitat, a study suggests. These fragments of wilderness undamaged by human activities are mainly in parts of the Amazon and Congo tropical forests, east Siberian and northern Canadian forests and tundra, and the Sahara. Click here to continue reading

Global News

A study of the presence of COVID-19 in Alberta’s wastewater will soon be coming to an end. Since last year, researchers from Alberta Health Services and Alberta Precision Laboratories have been studying samples taken from wastewater treatment plants around the province for the presence of COVID-19. Click here to continue reading

Sylvan Lake News

Crews are responding to a water main break in the Sixty West area of Sylvan Lake. The break is causing low to no water pressure to homes located east and west of 60 street. Public Works crews are on-site to review and repair the damage as soon as possible. Click here to continue reading

Red Deer Advocate

New federal protections to spur bull trout recovery should shut down provincial coal mining plans for the Nordegg area and southern portion of the Eastern Slopes, says a central Alberta fisheries biologist. Click here to continue reading

CBC News

A Calgary park, formerly a gravel pit, has won the highest award of honour from the Canadian Society of Landscape Architects for its use of environmental landscape design. The Jury's Award of Excellence was announced last week. Criteria includes use of innovation in concept, and a level of environmental and social awareness. Click here to continue reading

ECA Review

Irrigation has the potential to improve entire landscapes, communities and agricultural operations, bringing much-needed water to areas that need it. On top of providing crop, livestock and food processing operations with water, it also supplies municipalities, recreational areas, wetlands and wildlife habitats. Click here to continue reading