PUBLISHED: 05 August 2022

Compare and Contrast: Choppy waters ahead for offshore wind

Canada’s National Observer

When it’s completed, Norway’s Hywind Tampen will be the world’s largest floating offshore wind farm. Compared with most wind farms — even other offshore wind farms — the Hywind Tampen is unusual: the 88-megawatt operation is located farther out to sea than almost any other wind farm to date. Floating 140 kilometres offshore, the turbines will sit in water between 260 and 300 metres deep. Research shows how water flowing past the submerged element of a wind turbine, such as the cables that keep it affixed to the seafloor, creates turbulence that pushes the water up and down and mixes the layers. If the added turbulence kicks up too many nutrients from the bottom to the higher layers, phytoplankton could use up the nutrients too quickly. Click here to continue reading