Water News 2021

Edmonton Journal

Ryan Haworth is showing his love of Edmonton by cleaning up after its residents. About two weeks ago, the 24-year-old came across a post on Reddit complaining about the amount of garbage in the river valley area. He decided to do something about it and challenged others to join him by founding Love YEG. Click here to continue reading

Red Deer Advocate

Town council from the largest municipality in Alberta Environment Minister Jason Nixon’s constituency is concerned over the province’s consultation plans for open-pit coal mining in the Rocky Mountains. The town of Rocky Mountain House has voted to send a letter to the provincial government asking for a thorough evaluation of the plans. Click here to continue reading

Edmonton Journal

Everyone wants to have a healthy planet to live on but few are scientists, or have the decision-making power of industry and government. Most are aware of the issues facing the natural world, and most agree they’d press the magic button to undo the damage already done by our contemporary lifestyles, but some simple changes by individuals can help nature stay healthy and thrive. Click here to continue reading

ECA Review

After only a few short months out on the market, Consort area rancher Lee Smith’s The Water Box™ invention has received its first award – the Award of Distinction for Innovation from the Alberta Farm Animal Care Council. Click here to continue reading

Cochrane Now

A water licence issue that has existed for over a decade continues to challenge Cochrane will have to be resolved before the population reaches 40,000. Currently, the town has an estimated population of 30,065 and its current water licence is expected to accommodate between seven and eight years of growth. Click here to continue reading

Alberta Farmer Express

The Chin Reservoir is one of two off-stream reservoirs to be expanded as part of adding more than 200,000 acres to the province’s 1.7 million acres of existing irrigation, an irrigation district official said. Click here to continue reading

Water Canada

According to the Water Institute, this project is the largest co-ordinated water valuation research program in Canada. It aims to develop, test, and apply reliable and robust state-of-the-art valuation methods and techniques for aquatic ecosystem services in different water policy contexts across the Canadian landscape. Click here to continue reading


Deanna Miller Berry first learned of the scores of complaints about Denmark, South Carolina’s water supply, during her 2017 mayoral campaign. For at least a decade, residents of the rural, predominantly Black and lower-income town “knew something was happening” and tried to sound the alarm, said Berry. “A lot of folks [were] complaining that they were starting to get sick, hair loss and skin issues.” Click here to continue reading

Western Producer

This morning, PepsiCo said it wants to spread the adoption of regenerative agriculture to seven million acres by 2030. The seven million acres will be equal to the farmland, around the world, used to “grow crops and ingredients for the company’s products”, PepsiCo said in a statement. Click here to continue reading

Cochrane Now

Geotechnical work has been completed along Jumpingpound Creek in preparation for further flood relief projects this year. It will include bank rehabilitation, erosion repair, pathway relocations, and instream work to enhance fish habitat and remove debris.  Click here to continue reading

Edmonton Journal

Dry conditions have sparked a restriction issued by Edmonton Fire Rescue Services (EFRS) prohibiting open burning and fireworks in the city. The decision was based on the fire weather index (FWI) as well as the “progressive green-up of vegetation” which has yet to occur, said a City of Edmonton news release issued late Friday. Click here to continue reading