Water News 2020

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Edmonton Journal

A Calgary-based energy company is facing charges relating to water use at one of its central Alberta operations, the provincial energy watchdog said Monday. Tamarack Valley Energy and its subsidiary has been charged with using water without Alberta Energy Regulator (AER) approval, failing to monitor its water use and failing to properly report its water use to the AER. Click here to continue reading

Sylvan Lake News

The last couple of years have taken on a biblical tone in the rural Pontiac region of Quebec. The small community of about 6,000 has recovered from five natural disasters in just two years. Floods and microbursts have wiped out homes, roads and culverts. Last year’s tornado was the cherry on the cake. Click here to continue reading

Sylvan Lake News

Central Alberta can expect 10-15 cm of snow before Tuesday morning, Environment Canada warns. Early Monday morning, a special weather statement was issued for Eckville east to the Saskatchewan border. “Spring is on hold, and central Albertans are encouraged to remain home,” the statement from Environment Canada states. Click here to continue reading


For the first time in three years, Menindee has received significant flows into its lake system and water releases have commenced to reconnect the lower Darling with the Murray after the prolonged drought. Click here to continue reading

CBC News

It may not be a flood, but the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic could be just as devastating to Calgary business owners. But there is hope. In the floods, a 40 per cent expected business failure rate was reduced to one per cent. Click here to continue reading

Lethbridge Herald 

Filmed and edited by videographer Yvan Lebel, the new film features never before seen underwater images of westslope cutthroat trout and Alberta’s provincial fish, the bull trout, both of which are classified now as species at risk. With contributions by fisheries biologist Lorne Fitch, Tighem, and groundwater hydrologist Cherie Westbrook, the half-hour film takes viewers beneath the surface of mountain streams, high above the foothills of the Rockies, and deep into the story of the living waters that sustain the area. Click here to continue reading

Medicine Hat News

Utility officials are telling residents that the typical process of drawing and filtering water at the city’s treatment plant is enough to quell fears about the COVID-19 spread. “Conventional water treatment, which utilizes filtration and disinfection has been shown to inactivate COVID-19,” stated utility commissioner Brad Maynes. Click here to continue reading


The bacterium, which was found at a waste site where plastic had been dumped, is the first that is known to attack polyurethane. Millions of tonnes of the plastic is produced every year to use in items such as sports shoes, nappies, kitchen sponges and as foam insulation, but it is mostly sent to landfill because it it too tough to recycle. Click here to continue reading

CBC News

Staying clean and killing germs is taxing Calgary's water system — and, at times, putting people's health and safety at risk, according to a new update from city officials. The update includes a list of ways to help reduce sewer clogs, and to stay safe yet sanitized at home when trying to reduce the spread of the novel coronavirus, which has caused a worldwide pandemic. Click here to continue reading

Global News

Maintaining social distance while working in a lab to make hand sanitizer is a task a group of University of Alberta scientists didn’t think would be their new reality. That changed earlier this week. “We’re using the World Health Organization formulation,” said Jillian Buriak, professor of chemistry and research chair of nanomaterials for energy. Click here to continue reading