Water News 2020

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Sylvan Lake News

“It’s so poorly understood,” said Mueller, co-author of an article in the journal Science that urges the federal government to expand and make permanent the conservation of Tuvaijuittuq, 320,000 square kilometres of frozen ocean off the northern coast of Ellesmere Island. Tuvaijuittuq, which means “the place where ice never melts” in Inuktut, has the thickest and oldest ice in the Arctic. Because of how ice moves in ocean currents, Tuvaijuittuq is likely to be the last place it remains. Click here to continue reading

CBC News

"We've demonstrated how the bone health measure, the penis bone, is tied to exposure to certain trace elements and to hydrocarbons," said Philippe Thomas, a wildlife toxicologist with Environment and Climate Change Canada. Click here to continue reading

Calgary Herald

There are more than 200 storm water ponds throughout the City of Calgary. A visual tonic, vital for the ecosystem, storm water ponds don’t behave like typical wetland ponds or dugouts, especially in winter.  No matter how long it’s been cold or how deep into the winter, the ice on a storm pond is not strong and will not hold weight.  Click here to continue reading

Crag and Canyon

This Canmore Author knows a lot about Canadian glaciers, having interviewed leading scientists and mountaineers, and observed ice up close as an adventurer herself, over the last forty years. “I have watched the glaciers change,” said Martel, who moved to the mountains from Montreal in the 80s and never left. She takes the reader out on the ice, each chapter starting with an engaging adventure. Click here to continue reading

CBC News

Weiss anticipates they'll start construction on the $100,000 project in mid-December with an eye to having it open in early January. The ice wall is just one of the projects designed to offer "different outdoor recreation opportunities," says Luciuk, who was brought on to reopen the hill in 2019 after the club took a two-year hiatus due to financial difficulties.  Click here to continue reading

CTV News

A bottle of water more than a billion years old is now stored in Ottawa. Ingenium – Canada's Museums of Science and Innovation has acquired a water sample collected 2.4 kilometres below the earth's surface from the Kidd Creek Mine, near Timmins, Ontario. Click here to continue reading


A long-running investigation into New South Wales’ management of water in the Murray-Darling basin has not found any corrupt conduct but has concluded the state’s water policies were undermined for a decade by departmental favouring of the irrigation industry. Click here to continue reading

Western Producer

Thirteen Alberta municipalities declared they were in a state of agricultural disaster this year due to excessive moisture that accumulated this year and the previous two years, hindering crop seeding, development and harvest. Click here to continue reading

CBC News

Child health and dental care advocates are calling on a Calgary council committee to vote in favour of a motion to bring back water fluoridation when it debates the issue next week. Juliet Guichon, the president of Calgarians for Kids' Health and an associate professor of law and ethics at the University of Calgary's Cumming School of Medicine, says the practice is cost-effective and has been shown to significantly reduce dental decay. Click here to continue reading


Lead shot is to be banned from all wetlands in the European Union, in a decision that is expected to pave the way for phasing out all toxic ammunition. The European parliament voted against objections lodged by far-right parties, allowing the European commission to introduce the new regulations by the end of the year. Click here to continue reading

CBC News

The tourism association in Cochrane, Alta., has come up with an idea to make the town a destination for people who want to catch some waves, and are hoping it will generate millions of dollars of revenue in the process. Click here to continue reading