Water News 2019

Calgary Herald

The free festival will transform Banff’s Bear Street with firepits, marshmallow roasting and live music. New this year is the International Snow Sculpting Competition where six Canadian and international teams will compete for the winning sculpture from Jan. 17 to 19. Between Jan. 16 and 18, teams of two ice artists from around the world will transform blocks of ice on the street into masterpieces. Click here to continue reading

CBC News

City councillor wants to revisit divisive issue of water fluoridation that's been subject to five plebiscites. The first three were rejected by voters, but the last two were approved, and in the fifth plebiscite in 1998, Calgarians voted to add fluoride to the water. In 2011, city council voted to take it out. Click here to continue reading

Global News

The impact of climate change on roads and other crucial structures in Canada’s North is likely to be even greater than feared, says new detailed research. Models predict spring runoff will more than double, causing the kind of heavy flows and floods that wash out links such as the Dempster Highway, Canada’s only route from the south all the way to the Arctic coast. Click here to continue reading

Sherwood Park News

Stormwater ponds have an inlet and outlet pipe with water flowing much of the year. Moving water, water temperature changes due to vegetation or drainage and fluctuating weather conditions lead to unknown, unpredictable and dangerous ice conditions. Click here to continue reading

Ponoka News

The Gull Lake Watershed Society is proposing a two-stage filtering process of the water from the Blindman River at the pumping station facility just northwest of Bentley. The plan would be to eliminate the chance of any of the extremely invasive Prussian Carp currently in the river from making into Gull Lake. Click here to continue reading

CBC News

Southern Alberta farmers will welcome this week's forecasted flurries after a dry winter has them worried about spring crops. Snow adds essential moisture to soil that often can't be made up with rainfall in the spring. Click here to continue reading

Global News

A massive spinning ice disk that resembles the moon is floating on Maine’s Presumpscot River, hypnotizing onlookers. An almost-perfect circle of spinning ice has captivated residents in the city of Westbrook. Click here to continue reading

A Medium Corporation

The World Economic Forum (WEF) has just released the 2019 iteration of its annual Global Risk Report, and once again, water crises feature in the top five most impactful risks facing our planet — for the ninth year in a row. Additionally, the majority of the top five global risks can be viewed as manifestations of water risk. Click here to continue reading