Water News 2019

Global News

Cardinal Energy Ltd. says a cleanup is underway after a large spill involving oil and produced water occurred at its House Mountain operation in northern Alberta over the weekend. “Most of the fluid release was captured within the safety containment berm surrounding the facility,” Scott Ratushny said. “It is estimated that 99 per cent of the spill has been recovered.” Click here to continue reading

Global News

It was all in hopes of setting an unofficial world record for the most people floating in the water. In total, there were 1,640 people floating at one time during the event dubbed “The Big Float.” With a population of about 260 permanent residents, the event’s turnout is quite the feat. Click here to continue reading

Global News

Calgary was placed under a severe thunderstorm warning Thursday afternoon after a line of storm cells formed along the Foothills and began tracking toward the city. Click here to continue reading

Geothermal Energy News

Large quantities of earth heat entrained in produced water surface every day, as part of Razor normal operations, offering capture of clean and renewable energy to reduce the overall emissions of the operation and to add power revenues to Razor.  Click here to continue reading


After 10 years in the making, the Water Technology Development Centre (WTDC) at Suncor Energy’s Firebag SAGD project is officially up and running, Canada’s Oil Sands Innovation Alliance tweeted on Monday.  Click here to continue reading

Athabasca Advocate

The campaign, organized by ZenSeekers, was put on in partnership with Athabasca County, the Municipal District of Bonnyville, Lac La Biche County, the Town of Vermilion, Travel Alberta as well as experienced local operators in each area. Click here to continue reading

First Post

If we had wanted to engineer a crisis, we could not have done a better job. Deficiencies in public infrastructure make India’s cities smaller than they should be, meaning urban water bodies are very attractive as land parcels. Click here to continue reading

Bonnyville Nouvelle

Solutions are in the future for the flooding in Muriel Creek. Due to high water in Charlotte and Barreyre Lake, the MD of Bonnyville completed an aerial survey to determine the problem areas in hopes of preventing further issues. Click here to continue reading

My Lloydminster Now

Many don’t know this, but a good-sized lake was purposely put in back in the early 1950s just so that the region could have a great place to go play. For those of us in Lloydminster, that’s 45 minutes away and a getaway all of its own. Learn more on just how Vermilion goes by the water.  Click here to continue reading

Global News

When it comes to options for safe drinking water, experts say Canadians are often confused. Some people still hold the belief that tap water in particular isn’t safe to drink, while others believe bottled water is so-called “healthier” than tap or filtered water. Click here to continue reading

CBC News

"I've had a number of people tell me that they were under the impression that the river either ran in a circle or looped back around towards the provincial park," Evansburg RCMP Cpl. Brandon Tobin said in a news release Tuesday. "This is false information. If you're planning on tubing on the river DO NOT enter the river at the provincial park campgrounds, I can't stress that enough. The park is where you must exit the river." Click here to continue reading