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Westerm Producer

Effective July 22, the town of Milk River prohibited any non-essential water use, so watering lawns and washing cars is not allowed and bulk water sales are also prohibited. “These restrictions are intended to ensure that all residents receive an adequate supply of water… and that sufficient reserve supplies are available should they be required for emergency fire-fighting purposes,” the town said in a news release. Click here to continue reading

Ponoka News

A new report says provincial governments are not moving fast enough to protect homes and other buildings from the ravages of flooding. The report from the Intact Centre on Climate Adaptation at the University of Waterloo says on average provincial governments get a grade of C for flood preparedness. Click here to continue reading

Global News

The last fully intact ice shelf in the Canadian Arctic has collapsed, losing more than 40 per cent of its area in just two days at the end of July, researchers said on Thursday. Click here to continue reading

CBC News

Researchers from three Maritime universities are hoping microbes collected from the bottom of a lake near an abandoned gold mine in Dartmouth, N.S., will provide a model for how to clean up contaminated sites across the province in a quicker and less-intrusive way. Click here to continue reading

CTV News

Drivers are being told to avoid a route in southwest Calgary after a large sinkhole appeared in the road. Crews are at the scene on Southland Drive between 14 Street and Elbow Drive S.W. Click here to continue reading

CBC News

Beaumaris Lake is Edmonton's first and oldest stormwater pond facility. The lake was designed as a recreation area but residents haven't been able to access its various promenades, boardwalks and floating docks for years because the structures fell into disrepair. Click here to continue reading

Wetaskiwin Times

A blue-green algae (cyanobacteria) bloom has been identified in areas of Pigeon Lake. As always, visitors and residents are reminded to never drink or cook with untreated water directly from any recreational body of water, including Pigeon Lake, at any time. Click here to continue reading

Fort McMurray Today

The municipality is holding six open houses to discuss the flood mitigation options available for flood-affected communities. Options being discussed include potential full buyouts for Draper and Ptarmigan Court Trailer Park, as well as partial buyouts in Waterways and Longboat Landing. Click here to continue reading

CTV News

The UCP government will be funding numerous irrigation projects in and around Taber as part of its recovery plan. One of those is “a major flood mitigation project which is phase one of a three-phase Horsefly Emergency Spillway,” said Minister of Infrastructure Prasada Panada. Click here to continue reading


New research has found extreme melting of the country’s glaciers in 2018 was at least ten times more likely due to human-caused global heating. Click here to continue reading

Hanna Herald

The Governments of Alberta and Canada are, through the Canadian Agricultural Partnership, helping the Eastern Irrigation District with up to $100,000 in funding to complete a dam safety review.Click here to continue reading