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From Elmvale, Ontario comes a short documentary film on the groundwater in Elmvale, and the work of William Shotyk, a professor who has been sampling and testing the water for many years. Test results show it may be one of the cleanest water sources on the planet. Click here to see the film.



The Nexus Resource Platform

Leading global knowledge hub for resources pertaining to the water, energy and food security nexus publishes news of the Alberta WaterPortal Society's recently released Nexus materials. Click here to continue reading and click here to see the new materials.

Canadian Mountain Network

CMN is seeking an Executive Director to provide operational leadership, direction, and oversight for the organization, as well as support the collaborative development of network strategy with the co-Research Directors and the Board of Directors. This new role presents an exciting opportunity to advance mountain research in Canada and will amalgamate two current positions, those of President and Managing Director. Click here to continue reading


A long-running investigation into New South Wales’ management of water in the Murray-Darling basin has not found any corrupt conduct but has concluded the state’s water policies were undermined for a decade by departmental favouring of the irrigation industry. Click here to continue reading

Western Producer

Thirteen Alberta municipalities declared they were in a state of agricultural disaster this year due to excessive moisture that accumulated this year and the previous two years, hindering crop seeding, development and harvest. Click here to continue reading

CBC News

Child health and dental care advocates are calling on a Calgary council committee to vote in favour of a motion to bring back water fluoridation when it debates the issue next week. Juliet Guichon, the president of Calgarians for Kids' Health and an associate professor of law and ethics at the University of Calgary's Cumming School of Medicine, says the practice is cost-effective and has been shown to significantly reduce dental decay. Click here to continue reading


Lead shot is to be banned from all wetlands in the European Union, in a decision that is expected to pave the way for phasing out all toxic ammunition. The European parliament voted against objections lodged by far-right parties, allowing the European commission to introduce the new regulations by the end of the year. Click here to continue reading

CBC News

The tourism association in Cochrane, Alta., has come up with an idea to make the town a destination for people who want to catch some waves, and are hoping it will generate millions of dollars of revenue in the process. Click here to continue reading

Everything Grande Prairie

The projects range from improving habitat for Atlantic salmon to measuring the effects of shipping on whales off the British Columbia coast to studying trout-bearing waters in Alberta’s Rocky Mountains where coal mines are being considered. Click here to continue reading

Canadian Cattlemen

In 2009, they formed a partnership and in 2016 Ricky and Chad bought out his parents and amalgamated the two ranches. Working with the environment was important to them from the outset, on both the 2,100 acres of deeded land and the surrounding Crown lands of 80,000 acres. They have worked to protect riparian areas and limit direct access to the creeks and rivers. Click here to continue reading

Water Canada

To help Canadians adapt to climate change and build more resilient communities, Intact Financial Corporation is committing more than $1.3 million to five Canadian partners. These partners are exploring real, concrete solutions to make our communities, our people, and our economy more resilient. Click here to continue reading