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Global News

As the spring season kicks off and the weather starts to heat up, the Calgary Fire Department (CFD) has a few tips for staying safe in icy conditions. “Because we have extreme temperature fluctuations in Calgary, ice conditions on waterways can be quite dangerous.” Click here to continue reading

National Observer

For the Tŝilhqot'in, the most important laws, Chief Alphonse explained, have to do with the protection of water.  You do damage to the quality of water, in some cases, that was considered one of the biggest crimes you could commit. Click here to continue reading

University of Calgary U Today

In Alberta, we rely on the rivers that run through our province to supply us with water for drinking, irrigation and to sustain our wildlife and fisheries. That resource needs to be clean, safe and sustainable for the entire ecosystem. At the University of Calgary, experts are working on how to mitigate flooding, researching antimicrobial resistant bacteris in wastewater, focusing on the ecosystem around us to provide healthy food sources. Click here to continue reading

Red Deer Advocate

A conference was recently held in Lacombe aimed at preventing the further introduction of invasive species into the province. Prussian carp — a relative of the common goldfish — has infested many bodies of water, from Lacombe all the way to the U.S. border. Click here to continue reading