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Canada's National Observer

Ashley Wohlgemuth remembers smoke, haze and chaos during the 2003 forest fires in her hometown of Barriere in British Columbia. “During the fire here, it was like driving through a war zone. Everything was hazy. And all you could see was army vehicles and fire trucks everywhere,” said the fire chief. Click here to continue reading

Ponoka News

With summer here, people are now spending more time outdoors and planning recreational activity at lakes and rivers throughout Alberta. Alongside the fun and health benefits of these activities, the Alberta RCMP reminds Albertans that there is also always a risk of injury, accidents, and drownings. Click here to continue reading

CTV News

If you have noticed fewer mosquitos than normal while out on a stroll in Edmonton’s river valley, it's largely due to the lack of precipitation, an expert says. Weather conditions this spring have been hot and dry, making the environment less suitable for mosquitos, according to Pest Management Coordinator for the City of Edmonton Mike Jenkins. Click here to continue reading

The Guardian

Residents in eastern Victoria have been taken aback after waking up to vast, alien-like sheets of spider webs laying across paddocks and roadsides. The East Gippsland town of Traralgon was one of the hardest-hit areas by recent flooding and wild weather. Flooded roads and paddocks disrupted the local spider populations, which are now seeking higher ground on road signs, trees and any tall grass they can find. Click here to continue reading

The Guardian

California’s crushing drought may have helped to uncover the remains of a plane crash from 56 years ago. Last week, a local underwater surveying company was testing equipment at Folsom Lake, about 30 miles north-east of Sacramento, when sonar revealed something unexpected. Upon further inspection, workers with Seafloor Systems found the mystery object was an airplane in one of the lake’s deepest points. Click here to continue reading

Edmonton Journal

Over the course of last night there were reports of ominous cloud formations in the Red Deer area and twoonie-sized hail in Sylvan Lake. Twitter feeds are filled with amazing home videos of the lightning that mesmerized me through the evening hours. Click here to continue reading

Western Producer

This summer, testing water might become a necessity for livestock producers. Hundreds of dugouts across the eastern Prairies are half-full of water, or nearly empty, because of minimal snowfall this winter. When dugouts and other water sources are low, water quality usually drops. Click here to continue reading

Global News

David Hatto, 78, is canoeing the North Saskatchewan River from Rocky Mountain House to Cumberland House, Sask., to raise money and awareness for Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. He started the journey June 2 and arrived in the Town of Devon earlier this week, where he set up camp and took a few days to recover. Click here to continue reading

CTV News

Seven-year-old Zoey Black Plume, the 2019 Kainai Tiny Tot Princess, has been helping the community by raising money to buy water for the homeless. The idea came when she realized that water fountains were not running due to the pandemic and she was worried about what that meant for the homeless community. Click here to continue reading

CTV News

A Cape Cod lobster diver is safe following a fluke encounter with a humpback whale that nearly made him the leviathan's lunch. Michael Packard was diving off the coast of Provincetown, Massachusetts, Friday, when the capital cetacean caught him unawares. Click here to continue reading

The Western Producer

This spring has been very dry in much of the western United States and Canada, and if dry conditions continue, there will be management issues cattle producers must address. Jim Bauer, a rancher near Acme, Alberta, is offering advice to ranchers on how to prepare for the dry season. Click here to continue reading