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Alberta Farmer Express

It’s the combination of improving both productivity and the environment in tandem that earned the Deer Creek Livestock Co. the 2020 Environmental Stewardship award from the Alberta Beef Producers last month. Water scarcity is a big factor at Deer Creek Livestock, especially in the past few dry years in southern Alberta.  Click here to continue reading

Lethbridge Herald

Dennis Matis, manager of water operations with Alberta Environment and Parks based in Lethbridge, gave the good news to 2020 Irrigated Crop Production Update conference attendees at the Sandman Signature Hotel on Wednesday. In Waterton-Akamina the reading his team is getting from the snowpack is a fulsome 110 per cent of normal for this time of year, said Matis. Click here to continue reading

Bashaw Star

Town officials would like residents to contact them with any concerns about water quality. “Moving forward, we will be tracking the concerns and their respective locations to ensure continued consistent water quality.” Click here to continue reading

Red Deer Advocate

The dugout is about 15 feet deep and has been on the farm for about 50 years. It’s deep enough that the top layer in the winter freezes over, but there is still water underneath. The pump runs the water from the dugout to a bowl for the farm’s approximately 160 purebred Hereford cattle. Click here to continue reading

Medicine Hat News

Woods says in recent years the buzzword in irrigation is efficiency. Farmers are always seeking new technologies that can improve how much and when to water their crops, and to do it in a way which also saves time and labour. “Water being a limited resource, we want to use it as efficiently as we can,” she says. “Also for energy efficiency – the costs in terms of energy to apply that water on a farm.” Click here to continue reading