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One in 10 of all new homes in England since 2013 have been built on land at the highest risk of flooding, official figures reveal, potentially leaving tens of thousands of people in greater danger from extreme winter storms. The number of properties built in these high-risk areas annually has more than doubled in recent years, with more than 84,000 new at-risk homes in total since 2013, according to a Guardian analysis of government data. Click here to continue reading

Global News

The Edmonton funicular has won a national award for its ability to connect the downtown core to the city’s river valley. Edmonton’s Mechanized River Valley Access, also known as the 100 Street funicular, was recently awarded a National Urban Design Award of Excellence in civic design. The design of the funicular was recognized because it helps connect downtown with the river valley, creating an urban space for people to connect with nature. Click here to continue reading

Edmonton Journal

A proposed “full-service” residential snow removal pilot program could include crews shovelling private sidewalks in front of homes, clearing windrows from the bottom of driveways and removing snow from roads, said Coun. Aaron Paquette. Click here to continue reading

Nanton News

The council of the Municipal District (MD) of Willow Creek recently reviewed the results of report looking water supply and treatment infrastructure in the Willow Creek region. The main purpose of the study was to evaluate the existing water supply and treatment related infrastructure within the Willow Creek region and propose alternatives to overcome limitations in the infrastructure. Click here to continue reading

Global News

Kelowna residents served by the Black Mountain Irrigation District are being asked to conserve water for the next two to three weeks. In a press release issued on Tuesday, Black Mountain Irrigation District said construction is underway on a new waterline to provide improved flow capacity and pressures to the north part of its water system. Click here to continue reading

CBC News

Engineering students at the University of Alberta are learning the basics of building with ice this week, working with Arno Pronk, an assistant professor at Eindhoven University of Technology in the Netherlands. Though ice is brittle on its own, it becomes stronger and more ductile when reinforced with paper or sawdust, Pronk told CBC News on Tuesday. Click here to continue reading

Global News

A youth leader of the Oneida Nation of the Thames is continuing his call for upgrades to the community’s water treatment facility. Click here to continue reading