Water is the nexus between food, energy, and people. Water is required to meet the demands of our growing population, to maintain environmental health, and to support the production of food and energy. As the availability of water changes and our population grows meeting the demands in the Nexus will become increasingly challenging. The following simulator demonstrates how everyday decisions accumulate into a profile of how water is used in the Bow River Basin watershed. The year is 2030, and you will predict the behaviours in the following overarching sectors: energy, food, and communities. Look at how these decisions on behalf of these different sectors accumulate into the water usage in the Bow River Basin. But first, decide what the future holds for weather and population.

Section 1: Intro Section

1a. First, select how much water is available to use–is it a dry, average, or wet year impacting the river’s flow?

1b. Second, select how much the population in the Bow River Basin has changed from today - has there been little growth, some growth, or significant growth in the number of people living in the basin?