CBC News

The city of Red Deer says a water leak and depressurized water line prompted authorities to issue a boil water advisory on Sunday. The city made the clarification Monday, saying they "wanted to reach out to clear up some confusion in the community." Click here to continue reading

Global News

The Chamber and CEMA are using the awareness and publicity around Hurricane Harvey and  the flooding in Texas to conduct the survey over the next couple of weeks on how ready Calgary businesses are to handle an emergency. Click here to continue reading

Vox News

The US appears to be getting hit with major storms with unusual frequency. From August 2015 to August 2016, there were eight 500-year flood events recorded by the National Weather Service. There were six “1,000-year” floods in the US over the five years from 2010 to 2014. Click here to continue reading

Calgary Sun

With a growing number of homeowners complaining about the shocking tally on their water bills, politicians are calling for changes and a deeper dive into why it’s happening. Click here to continue reading

Global News

The devastating flooding in Texas in the wake of Hurricane Harvey will cause pain at the pumps across North America for the next few weeks, according to Dan McTeague, senior petroleum analyst with GasBuddy. Click here to continue reading

Scientific American

How did the storm rapidly blow up from Category 1 to 4, why is it so stuck over Houston, how can it possibly produce so much rain? And more. Click here to continue reading

Partnership for Water Sustainability

Heat waves and rainstorms will become common in northern Germany as climate change deepens. To make Berlin more resilient and livable in the coming future, the Senate of Berlin in August 2017 released the plan “StEP Klima KONKRET”. Click here to continue reading

Calgary Herald

Call of the Wetland begins with an app. It offers photos and sound clips of the six species of amphibians—boreal chorus frog, wood frog, northern leopard frog, western toad, Canadian toad and tiger salamander—that can be found in Calgary. Click here to continue reading

CTV News

A CTV News story has opened the floodgates on city water bill complaints and has also found there is no agency overseeing complaints about those Enmax bills. Click here to continue reading


It has been called the largest mass poisoning in history. After wells were drilled in Bangladesh and the rest of the Indian subcontinent in the 1970s, millions of people have been exposed to arsenic in drinking water. Now, a study suggests Pakistan might be grappling with its own arsenic emergency, with up to 60 million people exposed to contaminated water. Click here to continue reading

CBC News

An Edmonton conservationist fears the growth of blue green algae blooms will spell the ecological death of Alberta's lakes. Click here to continue reading

Global News

The release of the baby turtles comes during a record year for turtle-hatching, UTRCA officials said, adding it’s great news for the sustainability of the local spiny softshell turtle population, a species listed both by the provincial and federal governments as endangered. Click here to continue reading

Global News

The city reached a record 72 water main breaks in August this year. Fifty-five of those are still waiting for repair. There are usually only five or six leaks waiting for repair at a time, Pat Wilson, City of Regina’s waterworks director, said. Dry, brittle ground is causing shifting and impacting water pipes and service connections. Click here to continue reading

The Calgary Herald

According to Kirk Torneby, a meteorologist with Environment Canada, southern Alberta has been exceptionally dry, especially over the past three months. “It’s been anywhere between 25 to 50 per cent below normal in terms of precipitation in many areas,” said Torneby. Click here to continue reading

Global News

As climate change pushes the cold and ice a little farther north each year, it is spurring talk of a gold rush for the Arctic’s abundant natural resources, prized shipping routes and business opportunities in tourism and fishing. Click here to continue reading

Global News

The Nova Scotia Utility and Review Board has given the go-ahead for a 25 per cent subsidy to help homeowners replace lead pipes that carry drinking water into their homes. Click here to continue reading

The Cochrane Times

Over the course of the last week, the various authorities involved in the Springbank Off-Stream Reservoir have been hosting a series of information sessions on the project, with one more to follow in Calgary next week. Click here to continue reading

The Chestermere Anchor

A group of volunteers spent some time Aug. 18 and 19 working to clean up the south shore of the lake. “Sometimes we have to buck up and look at cleaning it ourselves,” said organizer and Kinniburgh resident Aaron Dyck. Click here to continue reading

CBC News

A business owner who purchased the old firehall on Quigley's Line two years ago says an adjacent system that provides potable water to residents, and the land on which it sits, was inadvertently included in the deal. Click here to continue reading

CBC News

Thousands of Atlantic salmon have escaped into Pacific waters east of Victoria after nets containing an estimated 305,000 fish were damaged at a U.S. fish farm in the San Juan Islands on Saturday. Click here to continue reading

ARS Technica

The international team behind the new work has designed a material that mussels can't seem to get a grip on. It's not because the mussel's adhesive fail; instead, the mussel itself doesn't seem to know what it's touching when it's set down on the material. Click here to continue reading

Edmonton Sun

River enthusiasts want to see more perfect swimming days on Edmonton's North Saskatchewan River and hope a new multimillion-dollar river monitoring program might help. Click here to continue reading

Global News Edmonton

As the federal government works to improve drinking water on First Nations, it has reached out to Edmonton-based EPCOR looking for solutions. EPCOR’s vice-president of commercial services confirms the company is looking at business models they can explore with the feds, but also individual First Nations. Click here to continue reading

The Guardian

Serious pollution incidents in the UK from livestock farms are now a weekly occurrence, leading to damage to wildlife, fish, farm livestock and air and water pollution. However, many farmers are struggling to comply with regulations because of the financial pressures they are under. Click here to continue reading

Global News Edmonton

While this accidental Tawatina LRT bridge beach likely won’t last, it’s starting an interesting conversation. “We need to have people out on the river. We want to see Edmontonians building a strong connection to the water,” said Hans Asfeldt with the North Saskatchewan RiverKeepers. Click here to continue reading