Global News

Ian Gates says his newly-patented technique creates self-sealing balls of bitumen of various sizes that can then be moved by rail, road or ship with less risk of environmentally- harmful spills, thus reducing the need for new pipelines. Click here to continue reading

Highriver Times

Calgary-based Argo Resilience Kit Ltd. (ARK) and High River’s Alberta Tilapia Aquaponics are using Sprung Instant Structure’s newly developed tension fabric greenhouse, located at its Aldersyde facility, to develop and perfect hydroculture systems—a method of growing plants without soil. Click here to continue reading 

Leading Australian water savings solutions provider WaterGroup has announced an innovattive new service that will allow large water users to save millions in water use. Click here to continue reading

The Guardian

Microplastic contamination has been found in tap water in countries around the world, leading to calls from scientists for urgent research on the implications for health. Click here to continue reading

The Calgary Herald

Downtown Houston is underwater and it will be years before it returns to pre-flood functionality. For the record, that city had a mitigation plan on the books after Hurricane Rita, which, for reasons of cost, was never carried out. Springbank off-stream reservoir is our best plan. “We don’t want to be in that situation. We don’t want to be asking ourselves ‘why didn’t we get this done?’ ” says Calgary Economic Development chairman Steve Allan. Click here to continue reading

The Innisfail Province

The town is moving aggressively ahead with an ambitious $573,000 initiative to replace all 3,000 faulty water meter registers in the community with high-tech units designed to give citizens and businesses more peace of mind and greater control on usage. Click here to continue reading

CBC News

In the battle between concrete and water, water wins. Click here to continue reading

Global News

A recent report found urban flooding has become a Canada-wide problem. Flooding is now more costly than fire or theft for property owners. Almost two-million households in Canada are at “very high risk” of flooding. Federal disaster relief has almost doubled in the last few years and it’s projected to rise to as much as $650 million annually. Click here to continue reading

CBC News

Researchers studying fish from the Niagara River have found that human antidepressants and remnants of these drugs are building up in the fishes' brains. Click here to continue reading

CBC News

How ready are we to cope with the impacts of climate change? "Quite honestly, I believe we are not well prepared," says Blair Feltmate, a professor at the University of Waterloo and the new chair of an expert panel struck by the federal government to consider what Canadians and their governments should do to prepare. Click here to continue reading

CBC News Edmonton

The water at Edmonton's popular accidental beach has "failed to meet water quality standards," according to the North Saskatchewan Riverkeeper. Click here to continue reading

Nevada Public Radio

Las Vegas has always been a leader in water conservation, but less so with water technology. But that’s changing as the state recruits tech companies to move here and revolutionize how we process and use water. Click here to continue reading

Cision PR Newswire

Two students from the USA, Ryan Thorpe and Rachel Chang, received the 2017 Stockholm Junior Water Prize on Tuesday for their novel approach to detect and purify water contaminated with Shigella, E. coli, Salmonella, and Cholera. Click here to continue reading

CBC News

There's no question it's been a scorcher of a summer this year in Calgary — and we've got the fire bans, broken power consumption records and yellowing, stressed-out trees to prove it. Here's a roundup of stats from Environment Canada quantifying just how dry and hot it's been. Click here to continue reading

CBC News

Hot, dry weather and low water flows have left Alberta's westslope cutthroat trout on the brink of extinction, according to local wildlife groups. Click here to continue reading

Policy Options   

With a new government in place, BC has a window of opportunity to embark on a bold new freshwater agenda. Click here to continue reading

Edmonton Journal

A surprise downtown beach drew throngs of sun seekers on the weekend, but Edmonton officials now realize the noise and congestion will be challenging. Click here to continue reading

Edmonton Journal

Should Edmonton lobby for the $4.7-billion it would need to prepare for the similar worst-case scenario officials believe climate change will make possible here? Or — since Edmonton’s type of flash flooding is the kind that just hits one area really hard at a time — should the city stress making better emergency plans and helping residents back on their feet after homes are flooded. Click here to continue reading

The Weather Network

The flooding in Texas from Hurricane Harvey and its remnant has reached disastrous levels in some areas, due to a combination of storm surge and days of rainfall. Here's what its effects would look like for Canadian cities. Click here to continue reading

Wetaskiwin Times

Approximately 700 properties within the city were built prior to 1950, and 140 of those may still have water service pipes made of lead. Lead pipe replacement will be coordinated with necessary water main and road upgrades over the next 10 years. Click here to continue reading

Metro News

Sky-high Enmax water bills will be forgiven and customers won’t have to negotiate payments in the future if no explanation for a significant jump in use can be found, Calgary Mayor Naheed Nenshi announced Wednesday. Click here to continue reading

Cold Lake Sun

Citizen made a presentation to council on Aug. 8 and, at last week’s council, she submitted a number of articles for council to review about the dangers of fluoridization. City council, however, was still not convinced. Click here to continue reading

Pincher Creek Echo

A mischievous act of vandalism destroyed hours of work put in by volunteers and organizations to restore and preserve Chipman Creek last weekend. Click here to continue reading

CBC News

The article, published for Defence Research and Development Canada, references the 2013 floods as an example of how social media-organized volunteering can help get a city back on its feet quickly after disaster strikes. Click here to continue reading

Quartz Media

Even after it became a widely accepted scientific fact that wetlands can soak up large amounts of flood water, the city continued to pave over them. The vanished wetlands wouldn’t have prevented the flooding, but they would have made it less painful, experts say. Click here to continue reading