The Globe and Mail - July 18th

Chantal Beauregard Favreau, the mayor of Béthanie, Que., takes notes in a brown book as she stands beside a lush yellow canola field near Rosemary, a village in southern Alberta. The field is irrigated and she, along with other visitors from Quebec, are quizzing Rosemary’s farmers and ranchers about the quality of the water.

Is it, they want to know, ever contaminated because of natural gas activity?

Ms. Favreau and 11 other Quebeckers concerned about natural gas production methods are in Alberta this week on a fact-finding mission paid for by the energy industry. Connecting Quebeckers directly with Alberta farmers who have 40 years experience dealing with oil and gas companies is a fresh idea for an industry struggling to win over critics in the east – and pave the way for expansion of the industry into Quebec. .... Click here to read more.