What are the Anticipated Trends in Use?

What are the Anticipated Trends in Use?

Future trends for groundwater use have been projected for the various major basins throughout the province (AENV and AMEC 2007). Projections have been made for various scenarios including low, medium and high use. The chart (right) shows the projected percentage increase in non-saline groundwater use for the medium use scenario (to the year 2025, using 2005 as the base for comparison).

It is apparent that a considerable increase in groundwater use is projected to occur in the Athabasca Basin (88%), followed by the North Saskatchewan (34%). The substantial increase in projected groundwater use in the Athabasca Basin is in relation to continued in situ thermal developments.

In contrast, declines in groundwater use are projected for the Beaver and Hay River Basins possibly due to anticipated declines in oil and gas activities, or increasing use of saline water as an offset to non-saline sources.

Section 3: Use and Recharge

Module 1: How is our groundwater allocated and used?
Module 2: What are the differences between basins?
Module 3: How much water recharges our province?
Module 4: What are the anticipated trends in use?