Alberta's Water Balance and Inventory

According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, the term “balance” refers to: i) an equality between the totals of two sides of an equation, and ii) a physical equilibrium between the components of a system. When operating under the principle of sustainability, consideration is given to the interactions of competing system components and the management of those components to maintain a suitable balance so as not to adversely affect the system. With respect to water, this relates to a balancing between supply and demand and an acknowledgement and understanding of the external forces that can affect the supply side of the equation (e.g. climate variability or change.)

Section 2: Alberta's Water Balance and Inventory

Module 1: What do we know about groundwater today?
Module 2: How important is groundwater to Albertans?
Module 3: How much groundwater is there?
Module 4: Where's the "good" water?
Module 5: What about the saline water?