Where To Enjoy Water

Alberta is a large province offering a diverse, rich ecosystem. With five national parks and over 500 provincials parks and protected areas, there is so much to check out. You can go snowboarding one day and canoeing the next. Below are explanations of each type of park to help better understand Alberta. 

National Parks

Looking for stunning summer destinations within Alberta? With so many beautiful lakes scattered throughout the province, it’s hard to chose which one to dip your toes into first! Parks Canada's website provides a comprehensive list of all Canadian National Parks, but if Alberta is your destination, click here for information Alberta’s five National Parks.

Provincial Parks

Alberta has over 500 provincial parks and protected areas. According to Travel Alberta, no matter where you are in Alberta, you’re less than an hour from a provincial park. With such a vast selection of terrain, from mountains to open plains, river valleys to grasslands, this province has the scenic variety covered to get you feeling refreshed. Click here for a list of Provincial Parks in Alberta.

Municipal Parks

You don’t have to leave the city limits to enjoy the pleasures of water. Many of Alberta’s cities have their own water systems within them, such as the Bow River or the North Saskatchewan River. These rivers and lakes are beautiful reflections that complement each city’s uniqueness. Explore your own backyard and visit one of your city’s water systems.

Sunset canoe