Activity Ideas

Horseback riding

Your desired destination has been selected, now what? The fun part - choosing your the activity! The following list will give ideas, but the sky's the limit. Check the locations website prior to embarking on activity to ensure that the  activity is possible and legal at your desired location. Laws and regulations vary between parks so be informed and know before you go.

General Outdoor Activities

  • Fishing: Alberta’s lakes, rivers and streams offer numerous opportunity for casting a fishing reel. World class trout fishing is found in this province so get ready to drop a line. A seasonal fishing license is required. The Angler's Atlas hosts a great library of some of Alberta's best fishing lakes. 
  • Hiking: One of the best ways to get out and experience our water systems is by foot. Hiking routes across the province are widely available. Breathtaking waterfalls, trickling creeks, roaring rivers and magnificent green lakes can all be discovered in Alberta. Click here fore more details on places to hike in Alberta.
  • Canoeing & kayaking: A peaceful way to get out onto lakes and rivers. Many places offer hourly or daily rentals, or you can bring your own to enjoy the water. Click here for a more detailed overview and options to canoe and kayak in Alberta.
  • Swimming & boatingBoat tours and water sports abound in Alberta. Learn more here. Alberta’s glacier fed waters are chilly but refreshing on those hot summer days. Lakes closer to town such as Banff’s Johnson’s Lake or Jasper’s Lake Annette can warm up to a refreshing delight during the summer. Click here for information from Tourism Alberta on boating and swimming.
  • Camping: A popular activity among Albertans, this province offers two types of camping: vehicle-access and backcountry. Pitch a tent in a designated campground that has facilities or hike, bike or horseback into the backcountry and sleep in your tent or a registered hut. Both styles of campgrounds often require reservations and a fee per night. Search Alberta Provincial Park campsites or National Park campsites for more information.


Winter and Inclement Weather Activities

  • Winter: From skating and pond hockey to skiing, dogsledding and ice fishing, many Alberta parks and companies offer lessons, rentals and opportunities to enjoy water, even when it's frozen. And who can forget the Ice Festivals? Learn more here. 
  • Inclement WeatherDon't let rain and cold put a damper on your day. Enjoy activities for the whole family – play games, do some crafts, or take some time to learn about water. See this list to learn more, or check out some cool water-related science experiments to try when the weather turns cold. 


Alternative Activities

Looking for an alternative activity? The following list does not contain your everyday activity however, those looking for a refreshing twist should check these out. Please note: WaterPortal takes no responsibility or liability for any complication that may occur when doing these activities. There are risks involved in any activity and it is expected that users use personal discretion. It’s always recommended to go with an experienced professional.

  • River surf: This increasingly popular yet undeniably difficult sport is becoming a hit with Alberta sport enthusiasts. Click here for more information.
  • Kiteboard and windsurf: This challenging activity requires strong wind and large open water for added space. Click here for a list of potential lakes. 
  • Snow kite: A whirlwind of fun as you take flight on skis, up and around a frozen lake surface. Click here for more information.
  • Scuba diving: Though certification is a must, the fascinating underwater world of Lake Minnewanka will not disappoint. Click here for more information.