PUBLISHED: 05 July 2013


Water can be enjoyed in so many ways – beyond it being essential for life it is also the baseline for many exciting outdoor activities. There are countless activities that involve water directly like swimming or indirectly, like viewing lakes on scenic hike. The province of Alberta offers a varied selection of activities around water. From family vacation ideas, to afternoon outings, the choices are endless. With any activity, please be mindful of keeping safe. Be sure to research, plan ahead, and always act water smart.


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Wasting water also wastes energy and resources.Why not make an effort and minimize wasteful water habits?

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Stay Safe

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Whether you’re heading outside for a few hours or setting off on a five day excursion, it’s important to be prepared.

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Water Activities

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Water isn’t just for drinking, it also creates a baseline for exciting activities. Many outdoor activities involve water, either directly, like swimming or indirectly, like lakes on scenic hiking routes.

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