PUBLISHED: 17 July 2013

Domestic Uses

Do you know how much water you use? Or, how much water your household uses? Did you know that any home or apartment, if metered, can measure its water consumption use which can be used to compare with Alberta standards? Within this vast world we live, water is depended on in so way ways. Each community, household right down to individual uses varying amounts of water for varying reasons. From washing clothes, to watering the lawn, to driving your car, water consumption takes place daily. With consumption rates rising, we need to ensure that balance between water use and water availability. Water Reuse is an example of how to utilize water to its full potential and ensure balance between use and availability. This section looks at domestic use and the ways we use, reuse and lose water.

Boil Water Advisories

The municipal systems that serve 80% of Alberta’s population with water are regulated by Alberta Environment and Sustainable Resource Development (AESRD). AESRD receives and collects reports and data summarizing the results of drinking water quality testing. The physical, microbiological, chemical, and radiological characteristics of portable water are analyzed according to Potable Water Regulation. If the results do not meet the Maximum Acceptable Concentration or Interim Acceptable Concentration specified in the Guidelines for Canada Drinking Water Quality, then Alberta Environment alerts Alberta Health Services (AHS). Learn more about Boil Water Advisories.


Calculate your household water usage

Below are two water use calculators that help you compare your personal daily water use total to the national and provincial averages.

Water Calculations

Calculate how much water you have with this easy water convertor (gallons, litres, cubic metres, hectare, etc).