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"Red Deer River" by Ricky Leong is licenced under CC BY 2.0.   

Opinions and Columns

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Roy MacGregor: In Globe debate, leaders ignore Canada’s No. 1 resource: water

The Globe and Mail reporter highlights the lack of conversation about water in recent political debates. ...Click here to continue reading.


Patricia Matthews: City of Chestermere 2015 Flood Response Summary

The Chestermere Mayor shares a timeline of events and lessons learned in the City's flood response for the July 2015 storm. ...Click here to continue reading.


Long Reads

Britain's water crisis - are we killing our rivers?

...Click here to continue reading.


Other Stories 

South Carolina experiences deadly floods

...Click here to continue reading.


Extreme weather events are in the cards

...Click here to continue reading.


900 years of tree-ring records tell a story: Declining river flows

...Click here to continue reading. 


China's sponge cities: soaking up water to reduce flood risks

...Click here to continue reading.


California drought drives cities to filter drinkable water from sewage

...Click here to continue reading.


Climate brokers gather best data for policy making

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City's on the move with latest piece of public art

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Local Waves

The Oldman Watershed is seeking votes to win $100,000 in funding for an outreach and education film project. Click here to vote!


A reminder the Red Deer River Watershed Alliance are seeking public input on their draft Integrated Watershed Management Plan,
Phase One, Water Quality. Click here for more background and a survey link. 


Reports and Research

The Report of the Auditor General - October 2015 is now available.