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Tangle Falls  
"TangleFalls.jpg" by JD Hascup is licenced under CC BY 2.0.   


Note: these pieces do not necessarily reflect the opinions of the Alberta WaterPortal.


Robinson: Springbank dry dam would be a big mistake

Ryan Robinson, Springbank landowner and cofounder of DontDamnSpringbank.com, shares his opinions on the proposed Springbank dry dam. ...Click here to continue reading


Opinion: We need a national strategy for water 

Francis Scarpaleggia, a Liberal Member of Parliament, outlines the reasons why a National Water Strategy is needed in Canada. Although this piece may not agree with everyone's unique politics it is a good jumping off point for discussion on what a National Water Strategy could look like in our Country. ...Click here to continue reading.  


Opinion: Famous wetland in Beaverhills Lake now a sea of thistles 

What has caused Beaverhills Lake to dry up? Dr. Dick Drekker has some ideas and they primarily relate back to water management in the North. ...Click here to continue reading. 


Other Stories 


60-million-year-old fish fossils found in Calgary 

...Click here to continue reading  


[Video] CBC meteorologist Johanna Wagstaffe explains connection between dry Prairies, U.S. flooding

...Click here to continue reading. 


Boston plagued by lingering snow piles that have turned into frozen garbage mountains

...Click here to continue reading.  


Working with nature on a country-residential enclave north of Calgary 

...Click here to continue reading.  


The water wars begin in parched California, as the rich fight drought restrictions: ‘We’re not all equal when it comes to water’

...Click here to continue reading.


Baby beavers born to England's first wild colony

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A Water-Friendly Design From the Young Architect Newly Anointed by MoMA PS1

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Web Content 

In cooperation with Alberta Health Services, swimmersitch.ca are working to provide updated and detailed information on swimmer's itch outbreaks for visitors and residents of Alberta and across Canada. 


The WID just released their quarterly newsletter. This installment features articles on the Langdon Reservoir expansion, invasive species and information on CoCoRaHS. Click here to download the newsletter. 


Reports and Publications

POLIS Project on Ecological Governance and Ecojustice recently released the report California’s Oranges and B.C.’s Apples? Lessons for B.C. from California Groundwater Reform. You can read the full report here


The Red Deer River Watershed Alliance and Alberta Ecotrust have partnered to launch a ‘social innovation lab’ in central Alberta. Dubbed Project Blue Thumb: Action on Water Quality Issues, the lab brings together a diverse group of stakeholders to tackle the question ‘How can we work together to maintain or improve surface and groundwater quality in the Red Deer River Watershed?' Click here to read more.