On December 19th 2014, Alberta WaterSMART released the Room for the River Pilot in the Bow River Basin – Advice to the Government of Alberta and asked stakeholders and the general public for their comments, concerns, thoughts and feedback.

The Room for the River Pilot report was distributed online through the Alberta WaterPortal and the Bow River Basin Council website, and received further public attention from presentations, newspaper articles and radio interviews. Public feedback on the report was accepted until January 31st, 2015. Feedback was received in writing through the Alberta WaterPortal, direct emails, verbally through one on one discussions and public meetings, and through publicity sources such as newspapers. 

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 "Landscape in Bragg Creek Provincial Park, Alberta, Canada (HDR)" by Doc List is licenced under CC BY 2.0. No changes were made to photograph.

The comments and feedback received in response to the Room for the River Pilot report were compiled into an addendum which summarized the feedback received. You can download the Room for the River Pilot in the Bow River Basin Advice to the Government of Alberta With Addendum using the link below. To protect the privacy of those who contributed, the feedback was presented without attribution, in bullet point form and arranged in the same format as the original report. The content found in the addendum does not necessarily reflect the views of other participants or the project team. 

 There are two points that should be noted: 

  1. Please note that the Room for the River pilot process applied in the Bow Basin and the subsequent Room for the River report are not government policy. The advice in this report will be taken under consideration by the Government of Alberta to help inform sound water management and policy decisions. 
  2. Secondly, this was not a public consultation process. This was a pilot project carried out with a technical working group and the WPAC to provide advice to the Government of Alberta. It will be a first step to gaining a comprehensive inventory of flood mitigation projects.

As we mentioned in January, this addendum was forwarded to the Government of Alberta as advice. The comments have been compiled in their original format and have been submitted to the Government of Alberta.  

Lastly, we would like to thank those who took the time to send emails, leave blog comments and engage in dialogue about flood mitigation in the Bow River basin. This is an important process and we sincerely appreciate your contributions. 


Click the link following to download Room for the River Pilot in the Bow River Basin Advice to the Government of Alberta With Addendum.   Room for the River Pilot in the Bow Basin Report with Addendum 2015 02 27