As the summer winds down, we thought we would do a quick recap of our top news stories for those who (wisely) spent more time by the lake than by the computer. Using Bitly stats we organized the articles by the number of clicks and included the articles published between June 1st and August 29th that received the most clicks from our readers.   


newspaper photo



1. “‘National disgrace’: Alberta First Nations sue federal government over drinking water” by Jessica Barrett. (2014, June 19). Calgary Herald. 

2. “The great wall of Elbow Park: How one homeowner plans to keep the next flood at bay” by Jason Markusoff. (2014, June 13). Calgary Herald. 

3. “First Nations issues: What will make Canadians care?” by Chantelle Bellrichard. (2014, June 27). CBC News. 

4. “Calgary attaching ‘funky’ fountains to fire hydrants for the summer” by Robson Fletcher. (2014, June 2). Metro Calgary.

5. “Expert sees growing trend of torrential downpours on prairies” by Matt McClure. (2014, June 30). Calgary Herald.  

6. “Residents fighting uphill battle to save Muriel Lake” by Andrew Mendler. (2014, June 10). Bonnyville Nouvelle. 

7. “Revolutionary waste water treatment developed in Edmonton” by Vinesh Pratap. (2014, July 4). Global News. 

8. “Wildrose water allocation strategy raises fears” by James Wood. (2014, June 6). Calgary Herald.  

9. “Province announces details of development in Alberta’s South Saskatchewan region” by David Boushy and Melissa Ramsay. (2014, July 23). Global News. 

10. “Montana’s deadly flood a lesson Calgary chose to ignore” by Matt McClure. (2014, June 16). Calgary Herald.