Presently, 58 percent of the state of California is experiencing an "exceptional" drought.  This is the harshest drought rating, making water conservation practices more necessary than ever before. To communicate the importance of water conservation, the United States Natural Resources Defense Council has partnered with comedians Conan O’Brien and Andy Richter (dubbed “Team Coco”) to get the message out to Californians on how they can save water.

Embedded below is the series of 6 water-conservation videos created by Team Coco. Although Albertans are not the intended audience we’ve shared these videos because regardless of where you live, conserving water should be a priority (plus these videos are pretty funny). That being said Team Coco uses imperial units of measurement so a translation into metric units of measurement has been included below. 



Test Your Toilets

  • 100 Gallons = 379 Litres

Cover Your Pool

  • 40,000 Gallons = 151,416 Litres

Replace Your Lawn With Native Plants

  • No units

Use Your Dishwasher

  • No units

Take Your Ride To The Carwash

  • 60 Gallons = 227 Litres

Being Lazy Has Its Benefits

  • No units