Alberta Water Community

WPACs and Water Stewardship Focused Organizations, Associations, and Institutions

There are numerous groups who are committed to focusing on improving the use of water in Alberta. This section is designated to showcase such organizations including: Watershed Planning and Advisory Councils (WPACs), Environmental Non-Government Organizations (ENGOs), Industry Organizations and Academic and Government institutions. Within each designated section, find highlighted group information for the professional or volunteer citizen.



Watershed Planning and Advisory Councils

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Watershed Planning and Advisory Councils (WPACs) are multi-stakeholder, non-profit organizations that assess the conditions of their watershed and develop plans and activities to address watershed issues.

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Environmental Non-Governmental Organizations

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Environmental Non-Governmental Organizations offer training, assistance, information, and more in order to help address issues in a specific environmentally focused area. 

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Industry Organizations

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Industry Organizations exist as collaborative hubs where companies and industry partners may share best practices and advance their institutional knowledge on priority areas. This selection focuses on those who focus on water.

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Academic and Government Institutions

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Advanced Education and Government Institutions work to push the boundaries of knowledge. This selection focuses on those who push boundaries in the realm of water.

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