Water News: 2017

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The Guardian

The crayfish, Astacopsis gouldi, can weigh up to 6kg and live for 60 years. Commonly called the giant freshwater lobster, it is the largest invertebrate in the world and endemic to the cool rivers of northern Tasmania, although habitat restriction and poaching have forced it to retract to areas west of Launceston. Click here to continue reading


In 2011, the National Park Service put in place a policy to encourage national parks to end the sale of bottled water. The aim was to cut back on plastic litter. It was not actually an outright ban — but 23 out of 417 national parks, including Grand Canyon National Park and Zion National Park, implemented restrictions on bottled water sales. The parks encourage visitors to use tap water and refillable bottles instead. Click here to continue reading

CBC News

Half a decade after the work started, Girard and his team said this week they have achieved some success with their multi-million-dollar reclamation project called Sandhill Fen. Click here to continue reading

Edmonton Journal

Edmonton residents tempted to dip their toes in the North Saskatchewan River can now get a better sense of just how clean or dirty that water is in the city. Click here to continue reading

Cold Lake Sun

Fluoride was originally introduced into drinking water in Canada as a means of reducing tooth decay in the general population. The council said the issue of water fluoridation had come before them previously in 2011, but as new research is made available, they understand the need to re-examine the issue. Click here to continue reading