CTV News

A tense day in southern Manitoba as hundreds of people banded together to fight against rising flood waters. Sunday, the Town of Carman declared a state of emergency due to flooding from the Boyne River. Click here to continue reading

Metro Calgary

The 2013 floods in Calgary had a severe impact on the Bow River ecosystem – but so did restoration projects in the flood’s aftermath. Click here to continue reading

Wetaskiwin Times

The Town of Millet is inviting residents to take in the grand opening of the Millet waterline April 21 — maybe. Click here to continue reading

Fort McMurray Today

The breakup of ice on the Clearwater and Athabasca rivers is expected to happen a little earlier this spring than last year, but the risk of flooding is predicted to be average, municipal officials said Wednesday. Click here to continue reading

Nanton News

Livingstone-Macleod MLA Pat Stier, Foothills MP John Barlow, Nanton Mayor Rick Everett, Alberta Infrastructure and Transportation Minister Brian Mason, and Municipal District of Willow Creek Reeve Earl Hemmaway are all smiles after Everett cut the ribbon - using some huge scissors - during a ceremony Tuesday, March 28 for Nanton’s new waste water treatment plant. Click here to see the photo

The Globe and Mail

Alberta’s oilsands could be heading for another showdown over tailings ponds after an independent assessment found that the cleanup plans of six major operators don’t meet new rules. Click here to continue reading

BBC News

Around 43% of the water used to irrigate crops around the world comes from underground aquifers, as opposed to rivers and lakes. Many of these sources are being used up quicker than they can be refilled from rainfall. Click here to continue reading

CTV News and Creek Watch

During March-October 2016, financial support from HSBC generated 68 trained volunteers and two science technicians in Edmonton, Red Deer and Calgary whose work combined for 338 site visits; over 3,100 collected data points; and an estimated 350 hours total time spent monitoring ten urban creeks. Click here to watch the video

The Guardian

Far below the Dead Sea, between Israel, Jordan and Palestinian territories, researchers have found evidence of a drought that has no precedent in human experience. Click here to continue reading

Lacombe Globe

The $71-million project which will connect Lacombe, Blackfalds, and Lacombe County to the regional wastewater treatment facility in Red Deer has been in the works for several years, seeing two different provincial and federal governments, several infrastructure ministers and a municipal election. Click here to continue reading

PR Record Gazette

The Town of Peace River is reminding residents to stay off the ice as the spring breakup heads into town. With seasonal temperatures hovering above the freezing point, the spring retreat of river ice is now underway. Click here to continue reading

CBC News

Edmonton's Mill Creek ranks dead last in water quality out of 10 urban Alberta creeks tested last year. That's according to CreekWatch, a project of the RiverWatch Institute of Alberta, which tested the creeks with the help of 68 volunteers and just released a report of their findings. Click here to continue reading

The Water Brothers

Canada is home to over 1 million lakes and one of the largest freshwater supplies in the entire world, but scientists are discovering that these vast freshwater resources, and the ecosystems they support, are increasingly at risk due to the effects of climate change. Click here to stream the episode

Irish Times

Today his company, which employs 43 people, has a patented technology that magnetizes water to reduce waste in the spraying of crops, whether with herbicide, pesticide or fertiliser. The technology saves water, chemicals and, ultimately, farmers’ money. Click here to continue reading


Most human activities that use water produce wastewater. As the overall demand for water grows, the quantity of wastewater produced and its overall pollution load are continuously increasing worldwide. Over 80% of the world’s wastewater – and over 95% in some least developed countries – is released to the environment without treatment. Click here to continue reading

The Calgary Herald

Soutar was commissioned to create a play about water for Toronto’s 2015 Pan Am Games. While she was working on the project, the Harper government shut down the Experimental Lakes Area project in Kenora, Ont. that was studying, among other things, the effects of the Alberta oilsands on Alberta’s water systems. Click here to continue reading

CBC News

The agreement prevents cultivation of grasslands, drainage of wetlands, subdivision and land development. The property has one of the last pieces of relatively intact fescue grassland in Alberta. Click here to continue reading

Edmonton Sun

CreekWatch, a project of the RiverWatch Institute of Alberta, used 68 volunteers to regularly test water quality in 10 creeks last summer. Mill Creek ranked last for water quality, with high levels of salt, phosphorus and other pollutants. Click here to continue reading

Arizona State University

Disruptions from temperature increases could drop crop yields, require more irrigation and cause ripples, including increased food prices, throughout the Southwest. Click here to continue reading

Alberta Government

This important infrastructure project will connect Lacombe, Blackfalds and Lacombe County to the regional wastewater treatment facility in Red Deer. It includes the construction of 26 kilometres of wastewater pipeline, regional lift stations in Lacombe and Blackfalds and an odour-management facility in the City of Red Deer. Odour-management strategies will also be implemented at both lift stations and at air release points along the pipeline. Click here to continue reading

CBC News

The province is doling out almost $9 million among several non-profit groups devoted to protecting Alberta ranchlands and watersheds. The funding from the Alberta Land Trust Grant Program will go toward six projects in southern Alberta, the province announced Monday. Click here to continue reading

The Globe and Mail

Flint will replace at least 18,000 lead or galvanized-steel water lines by 2020, and the state will pick up the bill with state and federal money, according to the settlement filed in federal court. It will be presented Tuesday to U.S. District Judge David Lawson for likely approval. Click here to continue reading

Bonnyville Nouvelle

A study completed on Cold Lake has revealed it can sustain a regional waterline. On Thursday, March 23, residents attended an open house on the Cold Lake Health Assessment, conducted on behalf of the Town of Bonnyville. The study ultimately determined Cold Lake could be the source for a regional waterline without any serious repercussions. Click here to continue reading

CBC News

On Monday morning, several residents of a south Edmonton condominium complex could be seen carrying empty buckets and bottles towards a water-dispensing truck parked on the street outside the building — only to find it empty. Click here to continue reading

CBC News

As the world demands more and more of our most precious resource, and sources seem to be drying up, the UN says there is a huge untapped reservoir that could help to meet the demand: wastewater. Click here to continue reading