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Melting snow from roads and parking lots is threatening thousands of lakes in North America. A new study of 371 lakes in eastern North America shows they're getting saltier because of runoff from the salt used to melt winter snow and ice. Click here to continue reading

Rocky View Weekly

With the warm spring weather, landowners in Rocky View County (RVC) are dealing with excess water run-off generated by melting snow. To deal with the influx of water, RVC crews have been hard at work ensuring drainage systems are functioning properly. Click here to continue reading

Rocky View Weekly

Updates were released last month on the Alberta Flood Hazard Identification Program, including updates on the flood hazard studies currently underway on the Upper Bow River and the Elbow River, both of which flow through Rocky View County (RVC). Click here to continue reading


New Zealand's "very good environmental quality of life" is under threat from a lack of long-term planning, a new OECD report warns. Click here to continue reading

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There are an average of fourteen avalanche-related deaths in Canada every year, and most occur in B.C. and western Alberta. Click here to continue reading

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“I was surprised. I’d never been denied water at an establishment. Being the designated driver, I was like, ‘What is going on?’ All I wanted was water, and they wouldn’t give it to me.” Click here to continue reading

ECA Review

Tony and Lorraine Friemark attended Paintearth County regular meeting on Tues. March 28 to express their need for good water. Previous attempts at damming up water for livestock failed and they are presently hauling their water for both the livestock and the house. “The livestock he had were dying,” said Reeve George Glazier. Click here to continue reading

Sherwood Park News

Strathcona County is taking residents to the river — or at least showing them how to get across. Residents are invited to a public information session for the Northeast River Crossing functional planning study, which aims at identifying a potential location for a proposed future roadway and bridge over the North Saskatchewan River. Click here to continue reading

Vulcan Advocate

Vulcan County council awarded Wednesday, April 5 the tender for the construction of the Kirkcaldy water project. County council gave tender to Fusion Pipe Solutions for $196,669, with the funds to be drawn from capital reserves. The Calgary-based company had the lowest bid of the 13 submissions received. Click here to continue reading

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The spring melt in the mountains is flushing a large amount of natural water into our watershed, bringing with it an earthy odour – which may be accompanied by a more chlorinated smell, as well. Click here to continue reading

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A coveted collection of ancient ice cores recently acquired by the University of Alberta has been partially destroyed in an "unprecedented" double malfunction of a $4-million freezer. Click here to continue reading

BMC Public Health

Drinking water insecurity and related health outcomes often disproportionately impact Indigenous communities internationally. Understanding media coverage of these water-related issues can provide insight into the ways in which public perceptions are shaped, with potential implications for decision-making and action. Click here to continue reading

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Ukrainetz said the size of the ice jam is unprecedented and it caused water levels to rise anywhere from three to 4.5 metres in his mother's farmyard. Much of the farm equipment was completely submerged. Click here to continue reading

The Guardian

Adani’s permit is valid through to 2077 and its 100 conditions provide no volumetric limits on the amount of groundwater, or any triggers to halt mining operations. It rather requires Adani to monitor the effects of its project on water levels and respond with “make-good agreements” with any affected landholders. Click here to continue reading

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Fluctuating water levels on the North Saskatchewan River cause the ice thickness to vary, which Edmonton Fire Rescue Services says poses a significant risk to the public. Click here to continue reading

Ponoka News

Alberta families will have a dozen new destinations for fishing this year, thanks to the recovery of several lakes and fisheries closed for decades. Click here to continue reading

Okotoks Western Wheel

The south entrance to Kananaskis along the Highwood River is a provincial jewel that should be protected. Click here to continue reading

Okotoks Western Wheel

The MD of Foothills flood modelling program, created in 2016, will receive $123,136 from the Province to continue into its next phase. The funding is part of $2 million promised by the Province for flood modelling in High River, the MD of Foothills and surrounding area in 2015-2016. Click here to continue reading

Calgary Herald

On Tuesday, 57 scientists sent an open letter to Alberta Environment Minister Shannon Phillips urging the province not to back down. “The decision to remove off-highway vehicle use from the Castle and restore damaged areas will contribute to the conservation of native vegetation, fisheries, wildlife, soil and community water,” reads the letter. Click here to continue reading

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Save the Rosebud is a group of landowners and other neighbors of a proposed road racing complex in a river valley about six kilometres northeast of Rosebud. Click here to continue reading

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The proposed technology, described in the journal Applied Physics Letters, was inspired by the super-hydrophobic wings of cicadas, which naturally repel water. Click here to continue reading

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The UN’s green climate fund was set up during the Paris climate agreement to mobilise $100bn a year by 2020 for poor countries looking for innovative and transformational projects. These were supposed to promote “paradigm shifts” to clean and climate-resilient energy, in the context of the UN’s sustainable development goals. However, to use the green climate fund to build mega dams ignores the risk they pose to ecology as well as climate. Click here to continue reading

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Over the past decade, scientists and photographers keep returning to the world's glaciers, watching them shrink with each visit. Now they want others to see how a warming planet is melting masses of ice in a series of before and after photos. Click here to continue reading

The Globe and Mail

Water has become the top cause of home-insurance claims, and insurers continually make changes to their policies to adjust. They’ve reduced coverage or raised deductibles for sewer backups in some cases, while also introducing coverage against what’s known as overland water. That means water from heavy rainstorms or, in some cases, overflowing lakes and rivers. Click here to continue reading

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Neighbourhoods were left strewn with rocks, wooden planks, tree limbs and brown muck after heavy rain caused the three rivers that surround Mocoa to rise up and surge through the city of 40,000 Friday night and early Saturday as people slept. Click here to continue reading