Western Economic Diversification Canada and Alberta Transportation - January 30

Under the Canada-Alberta Building Canada Fund - Communities Component, the federal and provincial governments provide up to two-thirds of the funding for eligible project costs. Partnering municipalities provide the remaining project funding. The projects announced today will improve local roads, water, wastewater, cultural and green energy infrastructure. Click here to read more.





Alberta Environment - January 26

After issuing a yellow, low flow warning for the Athabasca River last week, recent measurements indicate water levels have returned to the normal range. Measurements taken on January 21 indicated that levels had returned to the green or normal flow rate, when a reading of 168 m3 per second was taken. While a green condition allows for normal operations, Alberta Environment will continue to monitor the situation closely, and encourages users to be watchful of the flow condition and their withdrawals. While it is not uncommon for flow rates to vary on a weekly basis through the year, they tend to be steadier through the winter. Click here to read more.





Edmonton Journal - January 22

City council voted 7-6 vote Wednesday to approve the sale of the Gold Bar sewage treatment plant to Epcor. Under the deal, Epcor says it will give the city $75 million over seven years, plus an additional $115 million in dividends by 2018. The city-owned utility expects the transfer will provide it with the expertise needed to boost its business managing sewage systems.  Click here to read more.




Edmonton Journal - January 22

Fewer trees will die to make the streams of paper used by the City of Edmonton once a new eco-friendly recycling facility opens in two years. The plant, to be built and operated by Greys Paper Recycling, will turn waste paper, cardboard, old cotton cloth and blue jeans into 100-per-cent recycled writing paper and paper products in a process that uses no chemicals and one- twentieth the water used by traditional paper mills. The city has entered into a partnership with Greys Recycling, which will see 40 million sheets of waste office paper it produces yearly turned into recycled paper products for sale back to the city. Click here to read more.








Rocky View Weekly - January 20

The MD of Rocky View has joined municipal and provincial agencies in an effort to protect one of the main watercourses bisecting its territory. On Jan. 13, Rocky View council endorsed the Elbow River Basin Water Management Plan as a document providing guidance when making planning decisions that could impact the river. The plan recommends measures to keep the river healthy by, for example, reducing development near the Elbow, especially in the alluvial aquifer, where pollutants can be easily carried to the river.

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Alberta Environment - Information Bulletin - January 20

Alberta Environment has directed industry to reduce water withdrawals from the Athabasca River as a result of a naturally occurring low water flow in the region. Statistics show water flow levels have dropped into the yellow warning zone as determined by the Water Management Framework introduced in 2007.

Under the framework, a yellow flow condition means the river is experiencing low flows, which occur naturally about 20 per cent of the time. When this happens, water withdrawals may increase stress to the aquatic ecosystems. This is the first time yellow flow levels have been reached since the implementation of the framework. Alberta Environment staff will continue to monitor water levels and restrict further withdrawals until further notice. As part of the framework, each operator is required to have its own action plan, which is


Calgary Herald - January 12

The Bingham Crossing proposal (located kitty-corner from Calaway Park, north of Highway 1) is at the early stages before the M. D. of Rocky View, and Alberta Environment is seeking public input until mid-January on an allocation licence transfer from Allen's Trout Farm to supply water to the development. Click here to read more.







Sunny South News - January 12

The town of Picture Butte is set to meet with Alberta Transportation to discuss the town’s application for a regional water line which would twin the existing County of Lethbridge water line from the City of Lethbridge. In addition to serving the Town of Picture Butte, the line would also serve as a backup for the county line. The project proposes to run parallel to the current line. 

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Edmonton Journal - January 9

Bruce Power has temporarily withdrawn its application to prepare a site for a nuclear power plant near Peace River, and is now considering a second site. In a letter to the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission, the nuclear power company says a new site was chosen partly because concerns were raised about an aquifer near the first location. Click here to read more.





CNW - January 8

According to a survey released today by the Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers, when considering oil sands environmental issues, concern about impacts on freshwater supply was cited as the single most significant oil sands environmental issue by respondents. In addition, 50% of respondents do not believe what oil and gas executives say in the media, compared with only 13% who do. Similarly, 44% of respondents do not believe information provided by oil and gas companies. Only 20% agree that they do believe such information. Click here to read more.




Westcoaster - January 8

Environmentalists have launched a private prosecution against one of Canada's largest oilsands producers over the much-publicized death of 500 ducks in a toxic tailings pond last spring. Click here to read more.





Alberta Government - News Release - January 6

Communities of less than 100,000 across Alberta can now apply to the Building Canada Fund - Communities Component. The nine categories of infrastructure that are eligible for funding are water, wastewater, solid waste, local roads, culture, sports, connectivity, green energy, and collaborative projects. Projects will be evaluated by a federal-provincial committee through a competitive application-based process. The intake closes on March 15, 2009. Click here to read more.





Central Peace Signal - January 6

Glacier Power Ltd. received notice that the Joint Review Panel determined the Dunvegan Hydroelectric Project to be in the public interest. The project is for a 100 megawatt, low head, run-of-river hydroelectric project on the Peace River near Dunvegan. This will produce power from the flow of the river without significant storage of water and does not regulate the downstream flow. It includes a spillway, a powerhouse with 40 turbine units, a headpond, boat lock, ramp fishways, a 4.3 km, 144 KV transmission line and a plant substation. Click here to read more.




Alberta Government - News Release

The Government of Alberta has established the first Regional Advisory Council under Alberta’s new Land-use Framework. The council will provide strategic advice to the government in the development of a land-use plan for the Lower Athabasca Region, which covers an area from the town of Bonnyville to Alberta’s northern border and includes Fort McMurray, Cold Lake and Lac La Biche. Click here to read more.




Drayton Valley Western Review - January 6

Fluoridation of Drayton Valley’s drinking water is now a thing of the past. Last Wednesday town council voted to make the temporary suspension of the practice a permanent move. Click here to read more.





Herald-Tribune - January 6

Cattle producers in the Counties of Grande Prairie, Saddle Hills and Clear Hills are eligible for the one-year tax deferral of income from those sales under the federal program. The County of Grande Prairie declared an agricultural disaster due to drought last August.

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