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Torrential rains in Saskatoon that triggered ponds and massive puddles to form at many intersections and along city streets on Monday has residents speaking out. Jennifer Kerr says she’s fed up with the chronic flooding on her street, no matter the size of the storm. Click here to continue reading

CBC News

Calgary public schools and a non-profit are boosting their efforts to fight cavities, worried about children's declining dental health since city council voted to remove fluoride from water in 2011. Click here to continue reading

Okotoks Western Wheel

The Towns of Turner Valley and Black Diamond are asking to pump water directly out of the Sheep River in a bid to restore their water supplies, which were wiped out in the 2013 floods. Click here to continue reading

Alberta Environment and Parks

Over the last 30 years, the Bow River has grown in reputation to become a world famous fly-fishing destination and popular area for rafting and canoeing. Considering the interest and potential, there is a desire to improve access to the river and foster tourism opportunities while ensuring the sustainability of the fishery. Click here to continue reading

Hindu Times

Manufacturing activity slowed to a four-month low in June due to challenges posed by the implementation of Goods and Services Tax, a challenging economic environment, and water shortages in parts of the country, according to a private sector survey. Click here to continue reading

CBC News

The Rideau Roxboro Community Association says damage on Elbow Island Park from the 2013 flood still hasn't been fixed and it's a regular campsite for homeless people. Click here to continue reading

CBC News

One of the biggest icebergs on record has broken away from Antarctica, scientists said on Wednesday, creating an extra hazard for ships around the continent as it breaks up. Click here to continue reading

Global News

The Alberta government is thinking about cleaning up a former wood-preserving site along one of the province’s biggest lakes by capping it off and turning the adjacent land into a park. The contaminated site contains toxins including arsenic, dioxins and PCP at levels above Alberta guidelines for natural areas. Click here to continue reading

Global News

Residents on des Maçons Street in Pierrefonds, in Montreal’s West Island, have become accustomed to garbage containers in driveways, damaged belongings on the side of the road and a lot of construction. One thing they refuse to get used to is waiting on the provincial government. Click here to continue reading

Hinton Parklander

The Athabasca River Brigade came to an end in Fort Assiniboine on June 28, marking the end of the 333-kilometre trip from Jasper National Park. A total of 170 paddlers in 15 boats took part in the six-day paddle, with participants ranging in age from seven to seventy-seven. Click here to continue reading

Global News

Rain caused the cancellation of the final three heats of Monday’s chuckwagon races at the Calgary Stampede, and also caused problems on city streets. Click here to continue reading

Rocky View Weekly

The Chestermere Water Festival returns to John Peake Park July 22, offering a wide range of activities both on and off the lake. Click here to continue reading

Global News

Weather authority Meteo France said that 49.2 millimetres fell in one hour between 9 p.m. and 10 p.m. Click here to continue reading

High River Times

The Town of High River recently announced it will invest $360,000 to clean and restore the Upper Little Bow wetland to pre-flood conditions. The project will improve the overall health and function of the natural green space between 5 and 8 Avenues SE, according to Kim Unger, parks planning supervisor for the Town of High River. Click here to continue reading

The Guardian

According to the Spanish farming association Asaja, the country is suffering from both a lack of rain over the past five or six years and the gradual diminishing and salinisation of water in aquifers and wells near the coast, which makes irrigation difficult. Click here to continue reading

Peace Country Sun

“Blue-green algae is actually cyanobacteria, and can produce toxins that can be very dangerous,” says Shawn Elgert, agricultural water engineer, AF, Barrhead. “It can cause organ damage or even death if ingested by livestock or pets. If you are trying to determine the cause of poisoning, there are other potential toxins on the farm that can also cause damage to cattle such as poisonous plants. An example of this is water hemlock.” Click here to continue reading

Global News

A blue-green algae bloom has been identified in areas of Lake Sundance, prompting an advisory to be issued by Alberta Health Services (AHS) Friday afternoon. Click here to continue reading

SDCE Executive

Meaningful goals to strive for can include reducing manufacturing waste, improving energy efficiency, or reducing global water use. Click here to continue reading

The Globe and Mail

The challenge is to create city spaces that “prepare for routine-but-inconsistent flooding,” says Nina-Marie Lister, a planner and ecologist at Ryerson University. “We know it’s going to happen, but it’s unpredictable. Planners don’t like that idea. It freaks us out.” Click here to continue reading

Metro Edmonton

Making portions of Mill Creek come alive again will cost anywhere from $50-$130 million, but it’s something city planners say residents are keen on fixing. The estimates were discussed at City Hall Wednesday, and come after planners look to “daylight,” or restore, parts of the popular park space so fish can swim again. Click here to continue reading

Calgary Herald

The Alberta Energy Regulator has laid five charges against Nexen Energy for a pipeline spill two years ago that was one of the largest in provincial history. Click here to continue reading

Edmonton Sun

Dodd started water skiing professionally as part of the national team for Canada when he was 16, which is when he started dreaming about setting a world record in the sport. Click here to continue reading

The Guardian

One morning in late March, Brij Khandelwal called the Agra police to report an attempted murder. Days before, the high court in India’s Uttarakhand state had issued a landmark judgment declaring the Yamuna river – and another of India’s holiest waterways, the Ganges – “living entities”. Click here to continue reading

The National Observer

Despite recent investments, Canada lags behind other G7 nations in flood preparation and climate change adaptation. It’s time we recognized the importance of intact nature and built green infrastructure as central to flood-prevention efforts. Nature can help us — if we let it. Click here to continue reading

Rocky Mountain Outlook

The municipality of Canmore has undertaken to understand the potential threat from flooding that exists on the Bow River in advance of the provincial government completing its study on the watershed. Click here to continue reading