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Thousands of Canadians across the country spent the weekend in a desperate struggle with rising floodwaters caused by unusually persistent rainfall. Quebec has been hardest hit, with nearly 1,900 flooded homes in roughly 130 municipalities, from the Ontario border in the west, to the Gaspe peninsula. Click here to continue reading

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With the flooding season upon southern Alberta, it’s important to understand what factors contribute to excess runoff in the Bow River Basin. Jordan Witzel takes a look at the snow-water equivalent in the Rocky Mountains and discusses the implications of that water on possible flooding this year in the Bow River Basin. Click here to continue reading

Global News

The festival features three signature events: one hosted in Voyageur Park in Devon on Friday, another at Whitemud Park and Whitemud Equine Centre in Edmonton on Saturday, and the third at West River’s Edge Park in Fort Saskatchewan on Sunday. Click here to continue reading

Al Jazeera

In the coastal town of Vedaranyam, facing the Bay of Bengal sea, however, some farmers have overcome the drought with simple but innovative practices. Farmers in this important coastal agricultural region in Nagapattinam district have gone back to traditional crops and farming methods to fight the lack of irrigation water as well as soil salinity. Click here to continue reading

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The flood problems are due to a number of things:

Higher than normal water levels in Lake Ontario; Higher than normal precipitation; Atmospheric conditions that are making the storm system moving up from the Gulf of Mexico a particularly slow-moving one. Click here to continue reading


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In the most recent update issued Thursday at 9 p.m, Alberta Transportation had "very low confidence" of the road reopening by 6 p.m. Friday. Click here to continue reading

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According to the Metro Vancouver website, water restrictions will kick in region-wide until Oct. 15 as “an effective way to help [residents] use drinking water wisely.” Click here to continue reading

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The newly formed Save Wetlands Waters and Tourism (SWWAT) coalition wants the New Brunswick government to put a moratorium on new developments including new campgrounds until the government can address the issue of polluted waters at various New Brusnwick beaches. Click here to continue reading

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Marinacci said the borough is ready for the rain that's forecasted for this weekend, which could exceed 30 millimetres in total. Meanwhile in Pierrefonds, resident Andrew Szyngiel is still using a rowboat to get around. Click here to continue reading

The Calgary Sun

Water bills could rise faster than expected in the coming years as the city looks to make up for a $47 million revenue shortfall that's being blamed on a lack of building activity. Click here to continue reading

The Guardian

The violence in Laikipia, one of the most spectacularly beautiful areas of Kenya, was triggered by the arrival of hundreds of poor tribesmen from drought-hit regions searching for grazing lands for their cattle. Click here to continue reading

The Western Producer

It is also going to be a dry summer. June will have near normal precipitation but July and August will turn dry as a high pressure system suppresses storm activity across the prairie region. Click here to continue reading

Water Technology Net

The Alliance for Water Efficiency, in collaboration with the Environmental Law Institute and River Network, has launched the new Net Blue Ordinance Toolkit to enable communities support sustainable development without increasing overall water demands.  Click here to continue reading

Wetaskiwin Times

“Not only does this improve the quality of water,” said Hinkley, “but it’s an opportunity for this town to grow and expand. I think this is a major, major accomplishment.” Click here to continue reading

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Residents of Heisler, Alta. were being asked to limit their water use after firefighters needed a “large volume” of water to fight a blaze that destroyed two buildings in the village on Wednesday.  Click here to continue reading

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Four months after an international body approved a new plan for regulating Lake Ontario's water level, property owners who had claimed the rules favoured muskrat lodges over lakeside homes are piling sandbags against just the kind of floodwaters they had feared. Click here to continue reading

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After unusually high E. coli counts in August 2014 and April to July of 2015 sparked swimming bans and threatened dragon boaters, the city of Vancouver created the False Creek Water Quality Working Group with representatives from the Park Board, Vancouver Coastal Health, Metro Vancouver, Transport Canada, the Port of Vancouver and the B.C. Ministry of Environment. Click here to continue reading

High River Times

Conservationists and user groups are concerned with the upcoming timber harvest in the upper Highwood region of Kananaskis Country due to potential impacts to the headwaters and tourism. Click here to continue reading

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Despite the declaration, Alberta Environment and Parks said there are currently no plans to change fishing regulations in the Oldman River basin. Click here to continue reading

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Around 200 people marched from Churchill Square to the Alberta legislature in Edmonton, calling for action to combat climate change.  Click here to continue reading

Canadian Biomass

The project is led by GE Water and Process Technologies with partnership from universities and funding from the federal and provincial governments and the Southern Ontario Water Consortium (SOWC). On trial is a new technology that can triple biogas production from existing digesters at wastewater treatment plants and creates pathogen-free biosolids. Click here to continue reading

The Pincher Creek Echo

The Peace Park promotes responsible night-time lighting which in turn protects dark observing sites for astronomers, photographers and recreational stargazers, as well as protecting the environment for wildlife. Click here to continue reading

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Recent provincial budget cuts have forced the Meewasin Valley Authority (MVA) to close three different access points to the South Saskatchewan River but that didn’t sit well with a group of locals. So they took it upon themselves to clean up their beloved beaches. Click here to continue reading

Calgary Herald

Two long-time runners, part of the Old Guys in Action fundraising group, are embarking on an incredible effort — the “Run for a Needy Child” half-marathon to help up to 2,500 children who live in the Mully Children’s Family Group of Homes and Schools. Click here to continue reading

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The incident means there’s a shortage of drinking water in the Town of Vauxhall, Hamlet of Hays and the Hamlet of Enchant.  Water is safe to consume but residents are being asked to limit use “for emergencies only.” Click here to continue reading