Okotoks Western Wheel

Scorching temperatures and recent dry weather has put pressure on Okotoks’ water supplies, leading the Town to ask residents to reduce water use. Click here to continue reading

CBC News

Parks Canada has restricted fishing in Cuthead Creek in Banff National Park to protect cutthroat trout from whirling disease. It is also restricting boating and swimming in the creek — although people will be allowed to wade across it on official trails if there is no bridge. Click here to continue reading

CBC News

Two groups opposed to a proposed dam and reservoir designed to help prevent flooding in southern Alberta are urging a friendly resolution to the dispute. The Tsuut'ina Nation and the landowners organization Don't Damn Springbank have sent an open letter to Calgary Mayor Naheed Nenshi and others about flood mitigation on the Elbow River. Click here to continue reading

Global News

We don’t often think twice about what we’re flushing down the toilet — because why would we? — but chances are there are a number of things that we’re absent mindedly tossing into the commode that could do some serious damage. Click here to continue reading

Chestermere Anchor

With something for the whole family, Chestermerians are invited to come out and celebrate life on the lake at the annual Water Festival July 22 at John Peake Park. Click here to continue reading

The Chestermere Anchor

While all cities need to control the weeds in their parks and green spaces, Chestermere takes it one step further, working to control the weeds in the lake. Click here to continue reading

CBC News

RCMP and Alberta Parks have issued a public safety advisory for people tubing on the Pembina River, after having dealt with search and rescue operations involving 18 people so far this summer. Click here to continue reading

Water Technology.Net

 It was found that more than 80% of respondents were either already investing or looking to invest in smart water infrastructure in order to improve their operations. Click here to continue reading

CBC News

The city's multimillion-dollar flood-mitigation plan for Mill Woods is overkill, an Edmonton resident says. Last summer, drainage pipes under the street in front of Willy Jabs's house at 43rd Avenue and 89th Street were replaced with much larger ones. Click here to continue reading

The Guardian

“Given America’s addiction to plastic water bottles, we knew we had to be smart,” said David Chiu, a state assemblyman who introduced the measure when he was a San Francisco supervisor. “There were members of the public who couldn’t imagine life without plastic water bottles.” Click here to continue reading

Global News

“Severe storms have been happening more often and with greater intensity across Alberta,” IBC western vice-president Bill Adams said. Click here to continue reading

Bonnyville Nouvelle

These blooms are a cause for concern, but according to Kellie Nichiporik, chair for the Moose Lake Watershed Society, residents shouldn't worry, it happens every year. “Blue-green algae is naturally occurring. We've done core samples in the lake and we found that it's over 300-years-old in the lake. It's been here for a very long time.” Click here to continue reading

Global News

In a Friday news release, AHS said the advisory was issued after elevated levels of fecal coliform bacteria were found to be present in the water. Click here to continue reading

High River Times

The MD of Foothills is planning to build a water and wastewater plant to service the growing Aldersyde industrial corridor along Highway 2A. Click here to continue reading

Global News

Officials said the structure’s aging wooden gates will be replaced with steel ones, which could diminish the impact of a flood, such as the one in 2013, by 30 per cent. Click here to continue reading

CBC News

With area rivers flowing at lower than usual levels and water temperatures a little higher than normal, anglers in the Bow Valley are being asked to limit activity to early morning hours and cast in lakes and ponds that are stocked. Click here to continue reading

The Globe and Mail

Last week, the Alberta Energy Regulator (AER) announced it would appeal a judge’s ruling that gave creditors priority access to a bankrupt oil company’s assets over its financial obligations to clean up abandoned wells. Click here to continue reading

Edmonton Sun

Health advisories were issued Friday warning of blue-green algae blooms found in Wizard Lake, 67 km southwest of Edmonton, and Lessard Lake, 103 km northwest of Edmonton. Click here to continue reading


Here are eight water technology startups helping siphon less water to the farm while keeping yields at their maximum. Click here to continue reading

TED Talks

In this visual-packed talk, geoscientist Liz Hajek shows us how rocks deposited by ancient rivers can be used as a time machine to study the history of the earth, so we can figure out how to more sustainably live on it today. Click here to continue reading

CBC News

Thunderstorms unleashed torrential rain in other parts of the province. In Slave Lake, a convoy of seven vacuum trucks struggled to keep up. Click here to continue reading

Calgary Sun

For the Friends of Fish Creek Park, it's been a labour of love for 25 years. As Canada celebrates its 150th birthday, the group is marking a quarter century of education and conservation in south Calgary's meandering jewel with a celebration on Saturday. Click here to continue reading

Camrose Canadian

Camrose County has requested a meeting with Alberta Minister of Environment, Shannon Phillips, Alberta Premier Rachel Notley, and Wetaskawin-Camrose MLA Bruce Hinkley to discuss the Wetland Restoration Compensation Directive. Click here to continue reading

The Globe and Mail

Dr. Betty Althouse, the province’s chief veterinary officer, says water samples from the pasture’s dugout had a sulphate concentration of more than 24,000 milligrams per litre. Sulphate concentrations over 1,000 milligrams per litre can cause neurological trauma in cattle and can kill at levels over 7,000 milligrams. Click here to continue reading

Intact Centre on Climate Adaptation 

This report assesses the potential for wetlands to affect the financial impacts associated with rural and urban flooding. The report demonstrates quantitatively that wetlands conservation is a cost-effective means to reduce flood risk in Canada. Click here to continue reading