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Water management challenges and opportunities are prevalent throughout Alberta, crossing many jurisdictions and impacting various stakeholders, industries and communities. Water plays a significant role in Alberta’s energy, agricultural and environmental sectors, and is a strong driver for technology development and innovation. 

In 2013, Alberta’s GDP was $331.9 billion and much of the economic activity that generated this GDP required water as an input, either directly or indirectly. Sectors that rely on water include energy (24.6% of 2013 GDP), manufacturing and forestry (6.9% of 2013 GDP), agriculture (1.9% of 2013 GDP), business and commercial services (10.6% of 2013 GDP), tourism and consumer services (4.4% of 2013 GDP) and health (5.0% of 2013 GDP). These statistics show that over half (53.4%) of Alberta’s GDP depends directly or indirectly on water. 

WaterPortal Business and Technology Directory was created in conjunction with a report to act as a resource for the Government of Alberta and water technology innovators in the province. The Directory provides a comprehensive collection of information on water technology and consulting companies, researchers and initiatives focused on innovation and commercialization.  The Directory is intended to act as a resource to ultimately help bolster the province’s technology capabilities in the global water industry.


Climate Change and Emissions Management (CCEMC) Corporation

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PHONE: 780-417-1920
The CCEMC is an independent organization that supports and builds on the strategic direction established in Alberta’s 2008 Climate Change Strategy. It also recognizes the direction set by Alberta’s Carbon Capture and Storage Development Council and seeks to complement decisions made on large carbon capture and storage (CCS) projects.

maglass2Stay tuned, while we are still developing the early version of our Alberta Water Directory. To be certain, today’s water issues cross many paths and many stakeholders. Our Alberta Water Directory will help connect individuals with groups, and provide a comprehensive, searchable database of key people involved in managing Alberta's water resources.


Alberta Environment

Alberta Environment is organized into four main business divisions: Environmental Stewardship, Environmental Assurance, Environmental Management and Oil Sands Environmental Management. Each division is supported by People Services, Communications, Legal Services, Finance and Administration and the Strategic Planning Secretariat.


City of Edmonton


City of Calgary


Alberta Water Council


Research Groups

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